LA Cops

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Badge (Platinum): Only the best of the best earn the right to wear a platinum cop badge.
    100 Kills (Bronze): Kill 100 criminals.
    200 Kills (Silver): Kill 200 criminals.
    400 Kills (Gold): Kill 400 criminals.
    600 Kills (Gold): Kill 600 criminals.
    1000 Kills (Gold): Kill 1000 criminals.
    All Arrests (Gold): Arrest all criminals in any level.
    All Missions (Gold): Complete all the game missions in normal mode.
    Game Completed (Gold): Complete all 8 main story missions.
    Hardcore Mode (Gold): Complete all the game missions in Hardcore Mode.
    Max Stats (Gold): Fully upgrade a Cop and purchase all weapons.
    Nightmare Mode (Gold): Complete all the game missions in Nightmare Mode.
    No Deaths (Bronze): Finish any level without losing any Cops.
    No Hits (Gold): Finish a level without any of your Cops getting hit.
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