The Last Tinker: City Of Colors

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Sneaky Like a Ninja (Bronze): Reach the Tower Gallery
    High Five the Sun (Bronze): Reach the highest point of the Great Windmill.
    Moby Bleak (Bronze): Defeat the Boss at Blue Harbor.
    Sherlock Blues (Bronze): Solve the crime at Blue Creek.
    Unity (Silver): Defeat the Final Boss.
    Hey, Wake Up! (Bronze): Shoot the moon at Blue Harbor.
    Your Highness (Bronze): Find the hermit living in the turtle cave.
    Not Forgotten (Bronze): Colorize all the Purple paintings in Purple's dream world.
    To Infinity! (Bronze): Send one of the Greens flying in the Market District.
    A Surveillance Camera?! (Bronze): Punch a very special crate.
    Tinker Music (Silver): Conduct the orchestra without making a mistake.
    Shopaholic (Bronze): Buy every combat move in the Dojo.
    Leonardo daWindci (Gold): Collect every Floaty Brush in the game.
    Psychedelic (Bronze): Give Your Eyes A Hard Time.
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