Easy "I'm Giving You All She's Got" trophy

Upgrade the oxygen and water fileters, generator, workshop, and both doors (internal and external). The workshop must be upgraded to Level 4. All components of both filters and the generator must be upgraded to Level 4. The doors must both be upgraded to their maximum level. Although other items can be improved (shower, bed, toilet, pantry, water butt, stove, etc.), they will count as discrete items and not upgrades. You do not have to deconstruct your Workshop 1 items and replace them with Workshop 4 items.

Easy "TKO" trophy

Use the Subdue combat option, and pass the roll. Each weapon has a hidden base chance to subdue. It is 0% for most weapons and slightly higher for pipes or brass knuckles. The Courageous trait gives a bonus of 5% to the subdue roll. Set your parents to strength 10 to maximize the hit chance and have the Courageous trait for the +5% subdual chance. Collect first aid kits and equipment and build until you have enough facilities to keep the kids in food and water for awhile. Having the Troubled stats or the Violent stats preset is also recommended since the hit chance is based on relative Strength scores. Additionally, pipes have the best subdual chance among the starting weapons. You can also consider the Horse pet, which allows you to hit more locations with the water supply available. Set up an expedition and wait for a single stranger to threaten you. Choose to fight instead of fleeing. Repeatedly subdue your target and use a first aid kit to heal any family member whose hit points drop below 40%. You will eventually roll well enough to subdue them. Note: The "Dazed" status is inflicted if you miss the subdual roll by 10 or less.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hardcore Survivalist (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Getting Comfy (Bronze): Survive a week.
    True Survivor (Silver): Survive 100 days.
    Day Tripper (Bronze): Travel 100 miles (cumulatively) on the map.
    Well Travelled (Silver): Travel 500 miles (cumulatively) on the map.
    Globetrotter (Gold): Travel 1000 miles (cumulatively) on the map.
    Relic Hunter (Silver): Search 200 locations (cumulatively).
    Handyman (Bronze): Craft your first object/item.
    Tooled Up (Silver): Collect all 10 tools (on a single game).
    TKO (Gold): Subdue an enemy in combat.
    Gunslinger (Silver): Win combat using a gun.
    Tinkerer (Bronze): Upgrade a system once.
    Push It To The Limit (Silver): Fully upgrade a system.
    I'm Giving You All She's Got (Gold): Fully upgrade all systems.
    Hunter Gatherer (Bronze): Trap an animal on the shelter surface.
    Fat of The Land (Gold): Trap 100 animals on the shelter surface (cumulatively).
    Green Fingers (Silver): Grow and harvest a plant from the plant station.
    Botanist (Gold): Have 5 or more plant stations in the shelter.
    Grease Monkey (Gold): Take the RV out on an expedition.
    Helping Hand (Silver): Conclude 10 quests or scenarios.
    Nice Try (Gold): Fend off a breach by killing each intruder.
    CORRECT CODE (Gold): Figure out the code.
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