Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Jump Start (Bronze): Hit the Police Officer with the truck at the construction site.
    Savior (Bronze): Free the Kiruden from the lanterns.
    Endless Challenge (Bronze): Play Time Attack.
    Shortcut (Bronze): Reach the road to Hirasakai in under 55 seconds as Kei Makino.
    Avid Collector (Bronze): Collect 50 archive items.
    Hard Day's Work (Bronze): Complete all Day 1 mission objectives.
    Fork in the Road (Silver): Unlock Stage Select.
    Sibling Rivalry (Silver): Use the umbrella to incapacitate Mina Onda with some help from a fire extinguisher.
    Working Overtime (Silver): Complete all Day 2 mission objectives.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Fun for the Family (Bronze): Play the Brain Cell Revival game.
    Siren Maniac (Silver): Collect all archive items.
    Divine Retribution (Gold): Decapitate Datatsushi with the Homuranagi.
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