Toxic Crusaders Cheats & Cheat Codes for GameBoy, NES, and More

Toxic Crusaders Cheats & Cheat Codes for GameBoy, NES, and More

Toxic Crusaders is a classic 2D platform game from 1992. It is based on the ’90s cartoon series of the same name and The Toxic Avenger movie. The game was released on the GameBoy, NES, and Genesis. It was developed by Realtime Associates, TOSE, and Infrogames respectively.

The game received mixed or average reviews from both critics and players. But it is memorable enough to earn a reboot game that will be released in 2024.

Toxic Crusaders Premise

This side-scroller beat-em-up follows our ragtag group of mutant crusaders as they protect the city of Tromaville. Tromaville is under attack by Dr. Killemoff’s evil, radiated minions. But Toxie must first rescue his comrades, including his blonde babe Yvonne. To do this he must traverse all six levels and defeat the alien Radiation Rangers.

Toxie starts with a mop as a weapon but that can be easily lost. Toxie’s main abilities are jumping and punching the enemies. Because of these limited abilities, make sure to find the power-ups that give speed boosts and timed invincibility.

Toxic Crusaders Series

While Toxic Crusaders is currently a standalone game, a new addition to the series is scheduled to release in 2024 under the same name. The new game will allow up to four players and have all new, improved graphics and combat. If you’re still hungry for more of our mutant heroes, there is still both the cartoon and comic book series that inspired the games.

Toxic Crusaders Cheat Codes

Toxic Crusaders has different cheat codes for each platform it is on. But don’t fret, we’ve organized them all for you below.

NES Codes

Level 2 – Tromaville gets Tromatized3276
Level 3 – Sewer mop up7525
Level 4 – Entering the Ol’ Factory3815
Level 5 – Under Killemoff’s Lair7011
Level 6 – Island City9182
In-Depth Debug MenuEESNEYAA 

NES In-Game Debug Codes

During the game, on Controller 2, hold A and do the following:

Cycle weapon power from 0 to 3 and back to 0B
Skip current levelDown
Switch invulnerability on or off for the current level. This flag is reset at the start of a new levelLeft

NES Easter Egg Codes

Turns the moon redOn Level 2, before the moon rises, press Up, A, and B on Controller 2
Makes the burger fallOn Level 3’s boss, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left on Controller 2

GameBoy Codes

Level 2 – Tromaville gets Tromatized42029
Level 3 – Sewer mop up10019
Level 4 – Entering the Ol’ Factory36629
Level 5 – Under Killemoff’s Lair66209
Level 6 – Island City25089
Debug Menu47214 

GameBoy Debug Menu Codes

Adds a player X/Y coordinate display to the bottom right of the screenHold Up and press Start
Skip to the next stageHold Select and press A
Return to the previous stageHold Select and press B
Toggle invincibilityHold Select + A and press Start

Genesis Code

Choose which level to accessWhen Press Start appears on the title screen, hold the A button on Controller 1, and press Up, Down, Left, and Right on Controller 2. A sound effect will confirm success. Now, enter the options menu, and the level select numbers will be located at the bottom of the screen.

Toxic Crusaders Cheat Code FAQ

Does Toxic Crusaders have any cheat codes?

Yes! It does. The game has different cheat codes depending on which console players are on but luckily we have them all sorted for you.

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