The Witness

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Secret developer room

After unlocking the challenge (found within the mountain), you can unlock a shortcut that leads you back to the theatre room below the windmill. While moving through this shortcut, you will come across a drawing of a puzzle solution. Normally these solutions unlock an extra film sequence in the theatre room. However, this solution is used on the force field that is used as a barrier between the tutorial and the rest of the island. Use this solution on the panel that deactivated the force field at the beginning of the game to create a new puzzle using the sun as its starting point. After tracing the pathway, the force field will be replaced by an entrance to the developer lounge that overlooks the entire island. In the developer lounge, you can find a series of audio tapes and a live action sequence that follows a developer (presumably Jonathan Blow) meandering around his office.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Get every trophy.

Additionally, there are 13 secret trophies:

    Shady Trees (Gold): Activate the Shady Trees laser.
    Symmetry (Silver): Activate the Symmetry laser.
    Desert Ruin (Gold): Activate the Desert Ruin laser.
    Treehouses (Gold): Activate the Treehouse laser.
    Keep (Silver): Activate the Keep laser.
    Quarry (Gold): Activate the Quarry laser.
    Marsh (Gold): Activate the Marsh laser.
    Jungle (Gold): Activate the Jungle laser.
    Monastery (Gold): Activate the Monastery laser.
    Bunker (Gold): Activate the Bunker laser.
    Town (Gold): Activate the Town laser.
    Endgame (Gold): Reach the end.
    Challenge (Gold): Complete a certain challenge.
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