Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Kneel before me! (Gold): Get a Gold medal in one of the Endless modes.
    Warlord (Silver): Complete 500 Brawls.
    Hail to the king, baby (Silver): Complete all Challenges.
    Predator (Silver): Defeat 3000 monsters.
    Kawaiii (Bronze): Applause 20 times during a Replay.
    Gladiator (Bronze): Complete 50 Brawls.
    Full Stuff (Bronze): Own all the bonuses at the same time.
    Really, no miss? (Bronze): Own all the Perfect medals in a chapter.
    Maybe you're a Dev yourself? (Bronze): Own all the Dev medals in a chapter.
    You moved like they do (Bronze): Complete a Survival challenge without defeating any monster.
    The Pacifist (Bronze): Win a round without shooting.
    Insane in the brain ! (Bronze): Defeat a Whoorun with the Sneaky, Portal Kill and Ruthless mentions.
    War Machine (Bronze): Reach a x50 combo in one of the Endless modes.
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