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Easy XP/quick leveling

When you reach any new dungeon, find a save point. Use a combination of Mirage abilities, Seeds, and Mirajewels to create abilities that directly counter those of the dungeon you are in. For example, in The Sunken Temple dungeon, the enemy Mirages are mostly water type. Put Ramuh into your stack and make sure he has a lightning ability that hits all targets (Thundaga, Judgement Bolt, etc.). Fighting near a save point allows you to completely refill your HP and AP after each battle. Simply get into a fight and perform your most powerful elemental attack that hits all targets and quickly kills them. After each battle, go to the save point (you do not have to open the menu) to refill your HP and AP. Repeat this process as many times as desired.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    True Grymoirian (Platinum): Obtained every trophy.
    Mirage Master (Gold): Recorded every last Mirage in the Mirage Manual.
    All in a Day's Murk (Silver): Defeated every last murkrift Mirage.
    Battle Fanatic (Silver): Battled 500 times.
    Canon Fodder (Silver): Obtained every last Champion Medal.
    Legendary Caretaker (Silver): Mastered 100 Mirage Boards.
    Mirage Scholar (Silver): Recorded an inconceivable number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual.
    Reigning Champ (Silver): Defeated every last opponent in the Coliseum.
    The End? (Silver): Reached an ending.
    Transcender of Time (Silver): Completed every last intervention battle.
    Treasure Liberator (Silver): Opened every last treasure chest.
    A Helping Hand (Bronze): Fulfilled a townsperson's request for the first time.
    A Medium Awakens (Bronze): Obtained your first Champion Medal.
    A New Challenger (Bronze): Won your first Coliseum battle.
    Battle Aficionado (Bronze): Battled 100 times.
    Caretaker (Bronze): Mastered your first Mirage Board.
    Mirage Collector (Bronze): Recorded a large number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual.
    Mirage Enthusiast (Bronze): Recorded a huge number of Mirages in the Mirage Manual.
    Mirage Keeper (Bronze): Imprismed your first Mirage.
    People Pleaser (Bronze): Fulfilled the requests of every last townsperson in need.
    Sweet Revenge (Bronze): Defeated your first murkrift Mirage.
    The Power of Fantasy (Bronze): Completed your first intervention battle.
    Thirst for the Undiscovered (Bronze): Found the secret area in every dungeon.
    Threads of Fate (Bronze): Completed 30 intervention battles.
    Time Tamperer (Bronze): Completed 10 intervention battles.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Opened 100 treasure chests.
    Winning Streak (Bronze): Defeat 30 teams at the Coliseum.

Additionally, there are 22 secret trophies:

    Turn Those Corners Up (Gold): Reached the true ending.
    Across the Unknown (Silver): Braved and completed the new dungeons that appeared.
    Crossover Cogna (Silver): Defeated the Cogna known as XG.
    The Dyad’s Servants (Silver): Brought all seven of the Pleiad back in line.
    A Prophecy Fulfilled (Bronze): Found all of the keys from the Crimson Prophecy.
    Accursed Man-thing! (Bronze): Defeated the Quacho Queen with one of Lann’s attacks.
    An Inseparable Pair (Bronze): Teamed up with Gilgamesh to stop the Bahamutian soldier.
    Blitzball Ace (Bronze): Cleared the sky of uncountable einhänders.
    Crimson vs. Azure (Bronze): Found the first key from the Crimson Prophecy.
    Gateway to Adventure (Bronze): Arrived in Grymoire.
    Inking Up a Stink (Bronze): Defeated Ultros in Tometown.
    It’s Just Justice (Bronze): Joined forces with Shivalry to defeat the Golden Flan.
    Love Tap (Bronze): Defeated the Princess Goblin with the Warrior of Light.
    Magitek Knight (Bronze): Defeated many foes using any Magitek armor.
    Never Give Up the Ghost (Bronze): Defeated the Undead Princess 10 times.
    Nine Lives (Bronze): Added Tamamohimé to your roster.
    Soul Eater (Bronze): Chastised the fugitive Ifreeta.
    The Cranberry Knights (Bronze): Got to the bottom of the “phenomenon” at the Coliseum.
    The Fast and the Nebulous (Bronze): Reached the final chamber of the Nether Nebula in record time.
    The Final Reckoning (Bronze): Learned the location of Castle Exnine.
    The Saviors of Cornelia (Bronze): Repelled the Bahamutian Army.
    Zip Zip WHACK! (Bronze): Thwack a whole bunch of cactuars in a single thrashing.
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