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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Master of the Way of Curry (Platinum): Obtained all the trophies! Yay, you!
    For the HOARD(ing)! (Silver): You've found 75% of the items in the game.
    Who's the Bwave Monster H...Killer... (Silver): You've collected 75% of the monsters in the game.
    Aren't WE Bloodthirsty?! (Silver): You've defeated 1,000 monsters!
    It's Almost Presentable (Bronze): You've enhanced equipment to level +7.
    Alert the Fashion Police! (Bronze): You've weakened equipment to level -7!
    Hey, It's a Start (Bronze): You've defeated 50 monsters!
    It's FAR from over! (Bronze): You've played this fine game for an hour...and counting!

Additionally, there are 26 secret trophies:

    Grand Magus! (Gold): You've learned every skill and spell.
    Lady Death (Gold): You've defeated 10,000 monsters! Wow.
    Bookworm (Gold): You've filled out every info book.
    Greetings, Dr. Jones! (Gold): You've gone on 100+ adventures.
    Um, I have an invite... (Gold): You've entered the Sacred Sky Palace.
    Magus Bestiacidal (Silver): You've defeated 2,500 monsters!
    Gosh, What a Witch! (Silver): You've defeated 5,000 monsters!
    Down for the Count (Silver): You've been knocked out 50 times.
    Mystery, REVEALED! (Silver): You've vanquished the Mysterious Curry Tower!
    I am Woman, Hear Me ROAR! (Silver): You've learned 20 different skills!
    Only the Finest (Silver): You've enhanced equipment to level +99.
    Let's Play Depreciation! (Silver): You've weakened equipment to level -99!
    Hardened Resolve (Bronze): You have cleared the Magic Tower, Maze of Initial Resolve!
    It Wasn't THAT Hard... (Bronze): You have cleared the Rock-Hard Cavern!
    Sick Burn, Dude... (Bronze): You have cleared the Flaming Volcano!
    Wow, What a Dump... (Bronze): You have cleared the Madadel Ruins!
    Not Much of a Threat... (Bronze): You have cleared the Grain-y Wilds!
    I Made It Myself! (Bronze): You've crafted equipment for the first time.
    But Can You Eat It? (Bronze): You've made sweet, delicious curry for the first time!
    Thou SHALT Commit Laundry! (Bronze): You have changed your clothes for the first time!
    Really, Was that so Difficult? (Bronze): You've learned your first skill! Daw!
    Crass Consumerism (Bronze): You've bought something from Smile Curry.
    I Wonder What's in Here (Bronze): You've opened your first treasure chest.
    Wizard About Town (Bronze): You've defeated 500 monsters!
    Someone, HEEELP! (Bronze): You've been knocked out 15 times.
    It's There For A Reason! (Bronze): You watched the fine opening movie. Thanks!
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