Toca Life: World Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Cover art for Toca Life.

Toca Life: World Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Does Toca Life have any embedded cheat codes?

Toca Boca developed this interactive platform, transforming the screen into a boundless canvas, empowering players to create, explore, and experiment. In Toca Life, vibrant and colorful scenes emerge as players take the reins, allowing their imaginations to flourish. Each location within the Toca Life universe has possibilities, from bustling metropolises to tranquil countryside retreats. You’ll engage in open-ended play, fashioning your unique narratives by interacting with various characters and objects. The absence of rules or prescribed objectives allows users to express themselves uninhibitedly.

Toca Life stands as a beacon of inclusivity, depicting an array of relatable scenarios and characters. This captivating digital realm has garnered acclaim for its educational value, encouraging literacy and numeracy while fostering critical thinking and storytelling skills. In an era where technology often dominates playtime, Toca Life provides a wholesome and constructive alternative. It enables players to embark on adventures, build relationships, and unveil the boundless potential of their imaginations, all within the safe and stimulating confines of this enchanting digital world.

Toca Boca perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Toca Life, “Star in a sci-fi movie? Design a house fit for a sloth? Or just hang out with friends at the mall? In Toca Life World, the player is the boss! Furthermore, there are more than 90 locations to explore and 500 characters to play with, Character Creator and Home Designer tools, players can explore and express their creativity to build their own world right now, right here!”

Toca Life: World Premise

In Toca Life, players immerse themselves in a dynamic digital playground that beckons them into a realm of endless possibilities. As players navigate bustling urban centers, countryside retreats, and locales, they wield the power to craft their unique narratives. You’ll discover hidden treasures, and engage with a diverse cast of characters while you’re at it.

With no restrictive rules or set objectives, Toca Life fuels players’ boundless creativity and critical thinking. It’s an inclusive world where various scenarios and relatable characters foster storytelling skills and problem-solving prowess.

Toca Life offers an engaging and educational escape into a technology-driven world, allowing players to embark on adventures and explore. This extraordinary digital realm invites players to take the reins and shape their remarkable journey, redefining how we play and learn.

Toca Life: World Main Characters

Toca Life: World is a diverse and immersive digital play world that features a wide array of characters, each with their unique backgrounds and stories. While the game does not have specific “main characters” in the traditional sense, it offers a cast of recurring and diverse characters that players can interact with in various locations throughout the Toca Life universe. Some of the recurring characters and character types that players may encounter in Toca Life: World include:

  1. Everyday People: These are ordinary citizens and residents who populate the different areas of Toca Life.
  2. Animals: Toca Life: World includes a variety of animated animals, like pets, wildlife, and fantastical creatures.
  3. Professions: Players can explore various job roles and professions, from doctors and firefighters to chefs and hairdressers, by interacting with characters in these roles.
  4. Fantasy Characters: The game also includes whimsical and imaginative characters, like aliens, monsters, and supernatural beings, adding a touch of magic and wonder to the experience.
  5. Custom Characters: In Toca Life: World, players can create and customize their characters, giving them distinct looks and personalities.

Toca Life: World Cheat Codes

The game lacks any reliable cheat codes, but there are certain mysteries in the game you can discover.

Sloth’s Stylish Attire

Uncovering the enigmatic sloth outfit in Toca Life World can be a delightful surprise. Within Bop City’s storage center lies the key to this quirky attire. To locate it, take a stroll to the left until you spot a conspicuous “No Sloth” poster. A simple tap on the poster will unveil the hidden sloth costume, cleverly concealed behind the very same poster in a secret storage compartment.

Discovering Croquet in Nari’s Cloud Kingdom

Meet Croquet, Nari’s charming cloud-like pet, tucked away in Bop City’s storage center. As you enter, follow the breadcrumb trail that leads you to a storage door. Following these crumbs, swing open the door to reveal a somewhat messy area. Clear some space around the marked location for Croquet’s food bowl. The bowl’s imprint on the floor might be easily overlooked, but once in place, Croquet will make a charming appearance, adding a touch of whimsy to Nari’s world.

Toca Life: World Cheat Codes FAQ


1. Open the App Store or Google Play app on your device

2. App Store: Tap ‘Redeem’ at the bottom of the front page and enter your code

3. Google Play: Tap the menu button and enter your code

4. Watch the app download!

What are the codes in Toca Life?

You can try these codes.

  • 1977
  • 1980
  • 1979
  • 1925
  • 1932
  • 1928
  • 2552
  • 2002
  • 2005
  • 2007
  • 1999
  • 7733

free furniture: 1927 mm


  • Thankyou
  • Touch mouth
  • playcity
  • Bullseye
  • Surprise
  • luckypet
  • tinypets
  • Elements
  • Painting

Where is the green diamond in toca world?

To locate the green gemstone in Toca Life World, start by scrolling to the far left of the theater area. Keep an eye out for a small black box that contains a comb and a brush. Once you spot this box, interact with it to move the comb or brush, revealing the hidden green gemstone.

How much money is the Toca Boca Hospital?

Toca Life: Hospital released back in 2017 with a price tag of $2.99, is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. Toca Boca, a renowned play studio, specializes in crafting digital toys and a variety of engaging products designed to captivate children worldwide.

What happens if I reset my world or rebuild my home?

Toca Boca provided a specific answer to this query.

“If we’re asking you to rebuild your home, it is to fix an issue that your game currently has as it’s in a bad state. Sometimes if you continue playing in this bad state it can cause the app to crash and reset all the app progress which we definitely want to avoid. When you rebuild your home the house and furniture will be deleted but your purchased packs will still be available so you can rebuild and redecorate. You can demoilish and rebuild your home by clicking the blue build hammer in the Home Designer district, clicking the red “x” underneath the house and then dragging it to the trash.

If we’ve asked you to manually reset your app, it’s because your game is stuck in a bad state and the issue (and other issues!) could continue to occur. While resetting your app will mean all the progress you’ve made in your world will be reset, but any purchases that you’ve made in the app will still be there. Also, while the progress in the app is reset, any characters that you’ve created with the Character Creator will still be there (and looking as they should), and any gifts you’ve claimed should be on the Post office shelves.  

We often advise players that have had their gifts go missing (usually if there’s been a corruption or crash) to manually reset the world, that is if they don’t mind the progress being reset in the game. If you’ve uninstalled/reinstalled your game, however, it could be that your gifts have been lost and there’s no way for us to bring them back. Players start the game with all the gifts from 2018/2019, however, so there’ll be a ton of fun items to get playing with again.”

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