Barbie Race And Ride


Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time800132F6 2400
First Place on The Beach300B2AEF 0001
First Place on The Meadow300B2AEE 0001
First Place on The Forest300B2AF0 0001
First Place on The Secret Ranch300B2AF1 0001
Unlock Levels & Have Training Complete800B2AEC 0100
Unlock The Beach at Night300B2ADF 0001
Unlock The Meadows at Night300B2AE0 0001
Unlock The Forest at Night300B2AE1 0001
Unlock The Mountains at Night300B2AE2 0001
Unlock The Secret Ranch & Have All
Stars (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
50000401 0000
300B2ADB 0001

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