Jampack Volume 1


Pitfall 3D demo

At the MDK screen, press Triangle, Circle, Square.

Mechwarrior 2 information

At the NBA Shootout '97 screen, press Circle, Square, Triangle.

NBA Shoot Out '97 information

At the Machine Hunter screen, press Circle(2), Triangle.

Peak Performance information

At The Lost World screen, press Square, Triangle, Square.

Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo two player mode

At the title screen, press X or Start simultaneously on controllers one and two. Now a best two out of three match will begin.

View Ogre Battle FMV sequence

At the Super Puzzle Fighter screen, press Square, Triangle, Circle.

View Steel Reign FMV sequence

At the Thunder Truck Rally screen, press Circle, Square, Circle.

View Underground CD Volume 2 FMV sequence

At the Codename: Tenka screen, press Square, Circle, Triangle.

View credits

At the Wild Arms screen, press Triangle(2), Square.

Game Shark Codes

Codename: Tenka
Infinite Health80021DCA 00C8
Infinite Bullets800630FC 0063
Infinite Laser80063100 0063
Infinite Missles8006310A 0063
Infinite Grenades80063108 0063
Infinite Mines80063106 0063
Dynasty Warriors
Infinite Energy P1800B0230 00C8
25% Energy P1D00B0230 00C8
800B0230 0032
50% Energy P1D00B0230 00C8
800B0230 0064
75% Energy P1D00B0230 00C8
800B0230 0096
No Energy P1800B0230 0000
1-Hit Death P1D00B0230 00C8
800B0230 0001
Infinite Energy P2800B0BA0 00C8
25% Energy P2D00B0BA0 00C8
800B0BA0 0032
50% Energy P2D00B0BA0 00C8
800B0BA0 0064
75% Energy P2D00B0BA0 00C8
800B0BA0 0096
No Energy P2800B0BA0 0000
1-Hit Death P2D00B0BA0 00C8
800B0BA0 0001
Herc's Adventure
Infinite Health P1800C75CC 0063
Infinite Health P2800C7636 0063
Infinite Strength P1800C75D0 0063
Infinite Strength P2800C763A 0063
Infinite Spears P1800C75E2 0063
Infinite Spears P2800C764C 0063
Machine Hunter
Infinite Health8009F04C 06BF
800C0474 005F
Infinite Health800B3088 03E7
NBA Shootout '97
Score Modifier Away Team800B8794 ????
Score Modifier Home Team800B8790 ????
Infinite Time800B8744 D300
Pitfall 3D
Infinite Lives80075D50 000A
Infinite Health80075D88 00E6
Infinite Gems80075E1C 0063
Rage Racer
Time Always 10'00800A1CB4 4650
Always Place 1st800A5550 0001
Rally Cross
Current Lap Time Always 0'00'0080064134 0000
Lap 1 Time Always 0'00'0080064138 0000
Lap 2 Time Always 0'00'008006413C 0000
Lap 3 Time Always 0'00'0080064140 0000
Lap 4 Time Always 0'00'0080064144 0000
Lap 5 Time Always 0'00'0080064148 0000
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Score Modifier P1801AF08C ????
Score Modifier P2801AF338 ????
Play 12 Rounds801AFOAC 0000
801AF358 0000
P1 Character Modifier801AF0A4 000?
P2 Character modifier801AF350 000?
The Lost World
Infinite Health800D3E02 0064
Thunder Truck Rally
Infinite Energy801DAFC4 0000
Time Always Under 0'01'00801DCC40 0000
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
0 - Morrigan
1 - Chun-Li
2 - Ryu
3 - Ken
4 - Hsien-Ko
5 - Donovan
6 - Felicia
7 - Sakura
8 - Devilot
9 - Akuma
A - Dan

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