Tekken 3

Strategy Guide


Play as Kuma

Beat arcade mode with one character.

Play as Juila

Beat arcade mode with two characters.

Play as Gun Jack

Beat arcade mode with three characters.

Play as Mokujin

Beat arcade mode with four characters.

Play as Anna

Beat arcade mode with five characters.

Play as Bryan

Beat arcade mode with six characters.

Play as Heihachi

Beat arcade mode with seven characters.

Play as Ogre

Beat arcade mode with eight characters.

Play as True Ogre

Beat arcade mode with nine characters.

Play as Tiger

Beat arcade mode with eighteen characters. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Eddy and press Start. -From: Olikong@aol.com

Play as Panda

At the character selection screen, highlight Kuma and press Circle.

Play as Doctor Boskonovitch

Complete Tekken Force Mode four times (collect the bronze, silver, gold keys, then complete that mode one final time). Then, defeat Doctor Boskonovitch when he appears to have him available on the character selection screen under arcade mode.

Play as Gon

Complete arcade mode using Doctor Boskonovitch. Then, select arcade mode and press the D-pad off either side of the character selection screen. Alternatively, defeat Gon under "Ball mode" or play survival or force mode until prompted for initials, then enter "GON".

Beach ball mini-game

View all ten base characters endings to enable the "Ball Mode" option.

Theatre mode

Unlock all character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. Then the "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode" will be available.

Record or replay combo

Enter practice mode and choose "1P Freestyle". Then at the freestyle options screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle. Use Down and Select to record and replay a combo. -From: ANTlIlIIl@aol.com

Alternate introduction sequence

Beat the game with the ten base characters to view an alternate introduction featuring the characters in their two-player mode costumes. For another alternate introduction, beat the game with all characters including the secret ones.

Alternate costumes

Select arcade mode, highlight a fighter on the character selection screen, and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 until the timer reaches zero. Then, release the buttons when both fighters are displayed. Alternatively, play as the desired character the indicated number of times. Then, highlight that fighter on the character selection screen and press Start: Ling Xiaoyu (fifty times), Jin Kazama (fifty times), Anna Williams (twenty-five), Gunjack (ten).

Alternate winning poses

After winning a match, hold any kick button during the entire replay to view your character's alternate winning pose. Hold any punch button during the entire replay to view your character's normal winning pose. Note: Some characters do not have an alternate winning pose.

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