Ruff Trigger: Vanocore Conspiracy



Defeating Armageddon

This Boss is strong. Make sure you have Level 1 or any other armor equipped. Shoot at him with the Transfixer. Hold L1 and R1 and move left or right to dodge its attacks. He starts by jumping at you. This damages you badly. Move around him and shoot to dodge his rounds. He also gives new genetic powers. This Boss is not optional. He shoots, jumps, and punches. This Boss is found in six different areas. Alternately, go to Werewolf form and slash him. Press Square(2), X and Square(2), Circle to set him on fire for a bit. Using genetic powers helps within these battles.

Defeating Fire Bird

This Boss has only one move and is not very strong. Take out the Transfixer lock-on with R1 and hold L1 to move left and right. Keep shooting and his health will gradually decrease from the rounds and die. This Boss is found during the tutorial.

Defeating The Guardian

This Boss can be very strong or very weak. Buy the shotgun type weapon and Leve 1 armor. The armor should take the blows instead of you taking the hits. Lock on with R1 and also hold L1 and shoot using the Transfixer. Alternately, do the same method with five to seven rounds of the shotgun type weapon. This boss is found in Rusty City.

Defeating Guardian Machine

This Boss cannot be defeated by shooting. He is defeated by using the Fake Piglots and loading them in the cannon. This Boss can be defeated with any form. Werewolf form is recommended, as he is faster, stronger, and jumps further. Getting the fakes will be less difficult. This Boss uses a machine gun, laser, and bombs. Try loading the Fake Piglots at a good time as they are slow and the Boss is fast. About six direct hits are required to defeat this Boss.

Defeating Octopus

Note: This is when Armageddon in his normal form drops you into a chamber once you meet him. This enemy is defeated with the Smart Piglots. When his tentacles are at the red holes, time the Smart Piglot for the red one to shock him. Do the same with the yellow and green. This Boss smashes and sprays water. About four to seven hits are required to defeat this Boss.

Defeating Slaygroth

Note: This is the final Boss. Charge Piglots are used to kill this Boss. Place the Piglots within the two green teleporters. Put in three to launch a strong laser. Try rotating around the Boss carrying the Charge Piglots and avoiding the non-transformed Piglots. This Boss' attacks includes stomp, double stomp, and green blast.

Armor and weapons ranks

    1. Transfixer
    2. Shotgun and Level 1 armor
    3. Giga Launcher
    4. Devastator and Level 2 armor
    5. P600
    6. Mulin X and Level 3 armor
    7. Lightwave Gun
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