Time Crisis: Crisis Zone

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Note: This game is also titled Crisis Zone.

Double Gun mode

Get over 60% completion to unlock double gun mode in story mode.

Infinite ammunition

Get over 100% completion to unlock unlimited ammunition (no reloads) in story mode.

Grassmarket District

Successfully complete the original Garland Square scenario to unlock the Grassmarket District scenario in story mode. The Grassmaket District is a PlayStation 2 exclusive mission that follows events six years after the Garland Square scenario.

Story mode special

Successfully complete both scenarios in story mode. Story mode special allows the choice of the machine gun, plus shotgun and handgun, which all can be switched between by pulling the trigger while taking cover.

Trial mode

Successfully complete both scenarios in story mode special to unlock trial mode.

Additional crisis missions

As your Achievement percentage increases (by unlocking various features and progressing through them), the additional crisis mission categories will be revealed and become available.

Increasing lives and credits

Successfully completing the story modes will normally give you an increase of one Life and Credit. This is shown by a screen following completion, indicating what you have gained/unlocked in the game. Note: Losing the game by running out of Credits can also gain you a Life/Credit. You can also change the number of Credits you start with in addition to Life, in the game settings.

Tiger and Edge

Consider Tiger and Edge to be the toughest Bosses of the main mission, with the exception of the Geyser 1 battle with Lynch and his collective backup troops. Tiger has brute strength and can soak up lots of bullets, while Edge (formerly known as Edgey in the arcade version) uses acrobatics and speed to dodge shots and catch you off-guard. Get a feel for when Tiger will throw or swing objects in the area at you, and take cover accordingly. However, Edge is a greater threat of the two due to his lightning speed. Very good players can deflect his Naginatas with accurate shots. You shouldn't have to worry about being double teamed, but if given a choice, you should be more cautious of Edge.

Crisis missions secret weapons

Kill the opponent in brown body armor that appears for a short time in the following levels to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    Flame thrower: Drycreek Plaza; in the store room.
    Gatling gun: Grassmarket Street; in the first open area.
    Grenade launcher: Belforte Hotel.
    Laser rifle: Garland Technology Center; the room with the automatic gun turrets.
    Missile launcher: Garland Park; among the STF trucks.

Zone Bosses

Each zone has its own Boss. The following is a list of zones and the Bosses which are featured in each:

    Belforte Hotel: Jared Hunter (New Leader) on Jetpack
    Crimson Sea: Jared Hunter (New Leader) on Speedboat
    Drycreek Plaza: M1 Tank
    Garland Park: Hind D
    Garland Technology Center: Tiger and Edge (URDA Special Agents)
    Geyser 1: Derrick Lynch (URDA Leader)
    Grassmarket Street: A-0940

Note: The appearance of Derrick Lynch has changed greatly from the arcade version. He now has darker skin, a different uniform, and looks more menacing. His main weapon has changed in design, but it still fires like his shotgun did in the arcade.

Recommended zone selection order

Generally, the main mission (Garland Square) should adjust difficulty to according to player skill, but if you are new to the game or have not played the arcade version, here is the recommended order in which you should select the zones, with the least challenging first, and most challenging last. This also seems to be the main default order that the game chooses on selection timeout:

    Drycreek Plaza (Easy)
    Garland Park (Medium)
    Garland Technology Center (Hard)
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