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Infinite lives

Go to Dr. Light's lab and purchase a Mystery Tank, then go to Acid Man's stage and shoot the first spider twice with the Mega Buster. This will cause it to spawn six mini-spider bots. After they land, immediately open the menu and select the Mystery Tank for all eight of the spiders to transform into 1-ups. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Infinite weapon energy

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Awakening Chip for purchase in the shop for 3,000 bolts. The Awakening Chip gives unlimited weapon energy.

Infinite double gear time

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Cooling System for purchase in the shop for 3,000 bolts. The Cooling System gives unlimited double gear time.

Easy bolts

At the start of Blockman's stage, you will reach a raised platform. Just after two slow-moving enemies spawn, two more will spawn ahead. From this raised platform, you can simply run back and forth, respawning each set of small enemies. They are very easy to kill, and you can just keep running back and forth to keep them spawning infinitely. Repeat this trick as many times as desired. Note: Purchase the Bolt Catcher in Dr. Light's Lab as early as possible. This item causes bolts to appear more frequently in stages.

Go to Wily Stage 2, then reach the second room. There is a conveyor belt with three enemy spawners. Enemies will continuously spawn from three generators. A fourth enemy will also spawn from the ceiling. Just let a dozen or so enemies spawn, then kill them all with charged shots. The power-ups and bolts will drop onto the conveyor belt and slide over to Mega Man. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy boss fights and weakness

To easily defeat all Robot Masters, simply fight the bosses in the following order, collect their weapons, and use those weapons on the next boss on the list.

    Acid Man (Weakness: Block)
    Impact Man (Weakness: Acid)
    Bounce Man (Weakness: Impact)
    Fuse Man (Weakness: Bounce)
    Tundra Man (Weakness: Fuse)
    Torch Man (Weakness: Tundra)
    Blast Man (Weakness: Torch)
    Block Man (Weakness: Blast)

After defeating the eight Robot Masters, you will unlock the final Fortress stages, and fight Dr. Wily. These bosses have the following unique weaknesses:

    Wily's Fortress Stage 1: Use the Buster against the eye.
    Wily's Fortress Stage 2: Use Fuse on the exterior, and Impact in the center.
    Wily Boss Battle Stage 1: Use fully-charged Blast.
    Wily Boss Battle Stage 2: Use Fuse from below.
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