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Locker codes

At the main menu, select "MyTEAM", "Settings", "Locker Codes", then enter one of the following case-sensitive locker codes to obtain the corresponding bonus. Note: Most codes expire one week after they are released, which is noted below.

    Basketball Pack, Contract Pack, Shoe Pack, or 1 Token: MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB (Never Expires)
    Emerald Shaquille O'Neal: BRYANT-TO-SHAQ (Expires: January 8, 2021)
    Emerald Steph Curry: CURRY-FOR-THREE (Expires: December 31, 2020)
    Emerald Michael Jordan: MYTEAM-MJ-SPOTLIGHT-CHALLENGES (Expires: December 30, 2020)
    Random Pack, 2 Tokens, or Gold: MYTEAM-CHUBOI-HME29 (Expires: December 12, 2020)
    Random Pack, 2 Tokens, or Gold: MYTEAM-GOODGAMEBRO-BCEE4 (Expires: December 12, 2020)
    Season 3 Dirk, Devin Booker, Jason Richardson, or Walter Davis Pack: PD-DIRK-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: December 9, 2020)
    Season 3 Devin Booker, Jason Richardson, or Walter Davis Pack: SEASON-3-WALTER-DAVIS-PACK (Code Released: December 5, 2020)
    Flash 1, Flash 2, Flash 3, or Flash 4 Pack: PD-GREEK-FREAK-FLASH-4 (Code Released: December 4, 2020)


    Devin Booker Season 3 or J Rich Season 3 Pack: J-RICH-SEASON-3-PACK (Code Released: December 1, 2020)
    Season 1 Super Pack, Season 2 Super Pack, or Tokens: MYTEAM-SEASON-OF-GIVING (Code Released: November 25, 2020)
    IDOLS KD, Grant Hill, Dominique Wilkins, or Manu Ginobili Pack: IDOLS-KD-AND-PD-MJ (Code Released: November 25, 2020)
    Emerald Vince Carter: VINCE-CARTER-GAME-WINNER (Expires: November 28, 2020)
    Tip-Off East, Tip-Off West, NBA Draft, Possessed, IDOLS: Grant Hill Pack, or Flash 3 Pack: MYTEAM-SEASON-2-SUPER-PACK (Code Released: November 23, 2020)
    Evolution 2020 NBA Rookie: 2020-ROOKIES-EVO-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: November 18, 2020)
    Flash 1, Flash 2, or Flash 3 Pack: GLITCHED-ZION-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: November 13, 2020)
    Amathyst Pack, Clutch Pack, Finals Pack, Possessed Pack, Tokens, or MTP: MYTEAM-NEXT-GEN-IS-NOW (Code Released: November 12, 2020)
    Loyalty Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or Token: NEXT-IS-NOW-LOYALTY (Code Released: November 10, 2020)
    Idols Grant Hill Pack, Idols Domonique Wilkins Pack, or Idols Manu Ginobili Pack: MYTEAM-IDOLS-GRANT-HILL (Code Released: November 6, 2020)
    Team-Ups Pack, Gold Consumable Pack, or Tokens: DEFEAT-BIG-3-TEAM-UPS (Code Released: November 6, 2020)
    Team-Ups Pack, International Pack, or Dunkers Pack: TEAM-UPS-PACK-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: November 3, 2020)
    Possessed Pack, 1313 MTP, or Tokens: HAPPY-POSSESSED-HALLOWEEN (Code Released: October 31, 2020)
    Possessed Pack, NBA Finals Pack, or Clutch Pack: T-MAC-IN-MYTEAM-POSSESSED (Code Released: October 30, 2020)
    International Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or Token: INTERNATIONAL-PACK-OUT-NOW (Code Released: October 27, 2020)
    Flash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack, or Tokens: FLASH-RETURNS-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: October 23, 2020)
    Dunkers Pack, Gold Contracts Pack, or Gold Consumables Pack: MYTEAM-DUNKERS-HAVE-LANDED (Code Released: October 20, 2020)
    Next Is Now Tip Off East Pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West Pack, or 3 Tokens: WELCOME-TO-NEXT-IS-NOW (Code Released: October 16, 2020)
    Tip-Off East, Tip-Off West, Idols Manu, Idols Dominique, Flash 1, or Clutch Pack: ONE-WILL-RISE-SUPER-PACK (Code Released: October 13, 2020)
    One '19-'20 Lakers Player: CONGRATS-CHAMPION-LAKERS (Code Released: October 11, 2020)
    Finals, Clutch, Flash 1, or Idols Manu, or Idols Dominique Pack: 250K-GAMEDAY-1 (Code Released: October 10, 2020)
    NBA Finals Pack, Playoff Records, Stoppers, Underdogs, Dimers, or Back-to-Back Pack: MYTEAM-FINALS-PACKS (Code Released: October 9, 2020)
    Playoff Records Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, Playoff Underdogs Pack, Playoff Dimers Pack, or a Back-to-Back Pack: SET-A-RECORD-SPOTLIGHTS (Code Released: October 6, 2020)
    IDOLS Series I: Dominique Wilkins, IDOLS Series I: Manu Ginobili Pack, or 2 Tokens: IDOLS-HIGHLIGHT-FILM (Code Released: October 2, 2020)
    Sapphire LeBron James or Jimmy Butler card: LEBRON-OR-BUTLER (Code Released: September 30, 2020)
    '20 Lakers or Heat Player for your MyTEAM: NBA-FINALS-PLAYER (Code Released: September 30, 2020)
    Playoff Underdogs Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or Gold Contracts Pack: UNDERDOGS-IN-MyTEAM (Code Released: September 29, 2020)
    Flash 1 Pack, 1,000 MTP, or 2 Tokens: GLITCHED-JOHN-STOCKTON (Code Released: September 25, 2020)
    Playoff Dimers Pack, Gold Consumables, or 2 Tokens: ASSISTS-WITH-PLAYOFF-DIMERS (Code Released: September 22, 2020)
    Idols Manu Pack, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Gold Consumable Pack, 2 Tokens, or 1,000 MTP: MYTEAM-IDOLS-MANU-PACK (Code Released: September 18, 2020)
    Back-To-Back Pack, Base League Pack, or Gold Consumables Pack: BACK-TO-BACK-PACKS-CHALLENGES (Code Released: September 15, 2020)
    Clutch Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or 2 Tokens: CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: September 11, 2020)
    Consumables Pack, Contract Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, or 1 Token: SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERS (Code Released: September 8, 2020)
    East or West Season Tip Pack, 500 MTP, or 1 Token: WELCOME-TO-ONE-WILL-RISE (Code Released: September 4, 2020)
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