Super Mario Party

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Challenge Road mode

Unlock all mini-game to unlock Challenge Road mode.

Kamek's Tantalizing Tower board

Play all other boards at least once to unlock the Kamek's Tantalizing Tower board.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Diddy Kong: Successfully complete Chestnut Forest (World 2) in Challenge Road, then talk to him in the plaza.
    Donkey Kong: Successfully complete three different River Survival courses, then talk to him in the plaza.
    Dry Bones: Play all game modes (River Survival, Board Game, and Soundstage) at least once.
    Pom Pom: Successfully complete Salty Sea (World 5) in Challenge Road, then talk to her in the plaza.

Gold Oar

Successfully complete the five different routes in River Survival mode. Then, talk to Birdo in the plaza and she will ask you a question. Choose "Gold Oar" instead "Gold Bar" to unlock Gold Oar.

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