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World 9 (Superstar Road)

Successfully the complete the game with all Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8 collected to unlock World 9 (Superstar Road).

Save game any time

Successfully complete Story mode, and the "Quick Save" option will be replaced with a "Save" option on the start menu for the Overworld. This allows you to save at any time from the Overworld map -- not just after completing levels.

Visit Toad Houses repeatedly

Unlock all five stars on your saved game file to be able to visit Toad Houses as many times as desired, and previously inactive Toad Houses can be visited again.

Propeller hat and Penguin suit power-ups

Unlock World 9 (Superstar Road). Then, go to the Toad Houses in Superstar Road to find the Propeller Hat and Penguin Suit power-ups.

Saved game star icons

Successfully complete the indicated task to add the corresponding star to your saved game file:

    Star 1: Defeat the final Boss in the main storyline.
    Star 2: Collect all Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8.
    Star 3: Successfully complete all levels, find all 94 exits in Worlds 1 through 8, and enter the purple Toad mushroom house.
    Star 4: Collect all Star Coins in World 9 (Superstar Road).
    Star 5: Catch Nabbit in Worlds 1 through 7.

Records house

Successfully complete the game to enter the purple Toad mushroom house in Sparkling Waters, where you can review your records, such as stages cleared, Goombas stomped, etc.

Acorn Plains secret level

In World 1-2: Tilted Tunnel, there is a secret exit at the end of the level. Reach the part with the red coin ring on a slanted purple crystal. Jump up and over the red ring to find a hidden passage containing some normal coins. Once inside that passage, jump up at the top of the first hill to find another hidden passage made of square bricks. Follow this passage to find a hidden pipe. Exit the pipe to find the red flag for the secret exit to Acorn Plains.

Rock Candy Mines secret level

In the Tower level, either get the mini mushroom found early in the level or enter the level with one. Remain as Mini Mario until nearly the top of the tower. Enter the miniature pipe near the top of the tower, and carefully proceed through the room to find Star Coin #3 and a pipe leading to the secret exit to Rock Candy Mines.

Sparkling Waters secret level

Proceed through most of the Ghost House level towards the normal exit. Reach the room that is almost completely made of false walls, near Star Coin #3. Go to about the middle of the room, and find the Boo near a signpost and coins above you. The path to the secret exit is slightly in the air and to the left. Use wall jumps or the Squirrel suit to reach the secret door up there. It will open to a room with a lot of coins and a red pipe that leads to the red flagpole for the secret exit to World 3: Sparkling Waters.

Secret exit locations

Search the indicated locations to find all secret levels and flagpoles.

Secret world shortcuts

Search the indicated locations to find all five secret world shortcuts, allowing you to skip entire worlds. The shortcuts are in Acorn Plains, Layer Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, and Soda Jungle.

Star Coin locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 246 Star Coins.

Very small Boost mode boxes

The Boost mode blocks will shrink when you have 99 lives. If you lose a life, they will return to normal size.

End of level fireworks and items

Jump on the flagpole at the end of a level with the last two digits of your time being the same number, and the number of fireworks that appear will correspond to the number of the digits. For example, "22" will result in two fireworks, while "77" will show seven fireworks, etc. Additionally, certain numbers will also give you a bonus item, which are as follows:

    Fire Flower: 33 or 44
    Ice Flower: 55
    Star: 88 or 99
    Super Acorn: 77
    Super Mushroom: 11 or 22
    Tiny Mushroom: 66
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