Bit.Trip Presents... Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    First Steps (10 points): Completed 10 Rewards.
    On Your Way (10 points): Completed 20 Rewards.
    Jogging Along (10 points): Completed 30 Rewards.
    Going Somewhere (15 points): Completed 40 Rewards.
    Sir Trots-A-Lot (15 points): Completed 50 Rewards.
    Running Steady (15 points): Completed 60 Rewards.
    Good Stride (20 points): Completed 70 Rewards.
    Sprint!! (20 points): Completed 80 Rewards.
    You are AWESOME (30 points): Completed all 90 Rewards.
    Cloud King (10 points): What were those giant things in the background of World 1? You are pretty sure you have no idea.
    Water Strider (15 points): Mucked through the Emerald Brine.
    Super Tree Hugger (20 points): Evolved past the Supernature.
    Feel the Burn (25 points): How did you manage to get through the Mounting Sadds?
    Future Legend (30 points): Back on track to your FATE.
    Hardcore (20 points): Beat all levels on hard. That's something!
    Perfectionist (10 points): Perfect Runned each level.
    Perfect Perfectionist (50 points): Triple Perfect+ed the entire game. Holy crap!
    A New Challenger (5 points): Checkpoints are for suckers!
    Who Dat!? (10 points): You made a new friend.
    Better Than Perfect (5 points): Got 5 Perfect+s, one in each World.
    Double Perfectionist (10 points): Double Double Perfected once in each World.
    Triple Perfectionist (20 points): Triple Triple Perfected once in each World.

Additionally, there are four secret achievements:

    Multiple Personalities (10 points): Beat 30 levels as alternate characters. Way to go!
    Dancing Fool (5 points): You got the fever and danced 100 times.
    Bullseye! (5 points): Perfect+?! That's unpossible!
    Marathoner (5 points): You warned the Athenians of the oncoming Persian army!
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