Every Party

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Friendly Face (15 points): Public Hall: Create and win five games in your own room.
    Mini-Game Showdown Master 3 (20 points): Mini-Game Showdown: Win three times in a 3-game tournament with three of the strongest A.I. players.
    Mini-Gamer (15 points): Party Mode: Play twenty-five mini-games with 2+ players, including all three types.
    Miracle City Mayor (30 points): Story Board: Successfully complete the story once.
    Normal Battler (15 points): Party Mode: Play five Normal battles with 2+ players.
    Point Battler (15 points): Party Mode: Play five Point battles with 2+ players.
    Public Hall Challenge (20 points): Public Hall: Get two consecutive victories.
    Public Hall Staff (15 points): Public Hall: Win five matches.
    Serious Gamer (15 points): Practice Board: Successfully complete one practice game.
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