Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    We're On Our Way (10 points): Start a Complete Program.
    Hollywood Trainee (30 points): Finish a 5-week Complete Program.
    Star Client (40 points): Finish a 10-week Complete Program.
    Total Workout (20 points): Complete all Exercises.
    Any Time, Any Place (10 points): Complete a Single Workout.
    Single-Minded (20 points): Complete all Single Workouts.
    Rep streak (10 points): Perform 5 consecutive reps.
    Set Your Goals (10 points): Earn Target Points in an Exercise.
    Maintain Your Goals (20 points): Earn Target Points for a week in a Complete Program.
    Exceed Your Goals (30 points): Earn Target Points in an entire Complete Program.
    Perfect Week (20 points): Miss no days for a week in a Complete Program.
    Perfect Program (30 points): Miss no days in an entire Complete Program.
    Burn, Baby, Burn (10 points): Burn 100 calories.
    Dynamo (20 points): Burn 1,000 calories.
    Inferno (30 points): Burn 10,000 calories.
    Rookie (10 points): Earn 1,000 points.
    Veteran (20 points): Earn 10,000 points.
    Harley Star (30 points): Earn 50,000 points.
    No Sweat (10 points): Perform 5 minutes of cardio.
    Keep Breathing (20 points): Perform 60 minutes of cardio.
    Move That Body (30 points): Perform 200 minutes of cardio.
    Push And Pull (10 points): Perform strength exercises for 5 minutes.
    Getting Stronger (20 points): Perform strength exercises for 75 minutes.
    Tight And Toned (30 points): Perform strength exercises for 300 minutes.
    Personal Workout History (10 points): View all pages in Workout Journal.
    Tower Of Power (20 points): Complete all Upper Body Exercises.
    Limbo Leader (20 points): Complete all Lower Body Exercises.
    Extra Crunchy (20 points): Complete all Core Exercises.
    Action Movie Star (20 points): Ready your body for those action-packed sequences.
    Martial Arts Movie Star (20 points): Focus your moves to effectively defend yourself.
    Superhero Movie Star (20 points): Tone your physique in order to squeeze into that superhero outfit.
    Music Video Idol (20 points): Dance for multiple retakes without tiring.
    Castaway Reality Show Winner (20 points): Win those individual competitive challenges.
    Plank Champ (20 points): Work your muscles while perpendicular to gravity.
    Prize Fighter (20 points): Get the upper hand on your opponents.
    Olympic Sprinter (20 points): Strengthen your legs to run at lightning fast speed.
    Skating Gold Medalist (20 points): Spin and fly across the ice surface.
    Triathlon Champion (20 points): Train your body to endure a grueling race.
    Walked A Mile (20 points): Step forward enough times to walk a mile.
    Crab Walk (20 points): Sidestep enough times to travel a mile sideways.
    Heavy Lifting (20 points): Perform enough push ups to lift a school bus.
    Kayaked Across Niagara Falls (20 points): Row far enough to kayak across the mouth of Niagara Falls.
    Totally Yodeling (20 points): Ski down far enough to descend through the Andes Mountains.
    It's A Bird, It's A Plane (20 points): Jump enough distance to leap over the Empire State Building.
    Freshly Squeezed (30 points): Crush enough oranges to make 25 gallons of orange juice.
    Beach Cruiser (30 points): Pedal far enough to bike from Santa Monica to Venice Beach.
    Scaled The Grand Canyon (30 points): Climb high enough to scale up out of the Grand Canyon.
    Red Carpet Body (30 points): Complete 15,000 reps. Hollywood, look out!
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