Home Run Stars

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Base Hit (5 points): Won a bronze medal in a Home Run League match.
    Carney King (5 points): Lit up the Ferris Wheel in the Carnival Stadium.
    Wake the Dragon (5 points): Awoke the Dragon in the Dragon's Den.
    Boarding Party (5 points): Hit the Pirate Ship in Buccaneer Bay.
    Grounded Out (5 points): Knocked down 5 infield targets within the same game.
    Fire in the Sky (5 points): Erupted both volcanoes in Buccaneer Bay.
    Rookie Sensation (10 points): Beat Eric the Rookie in the Carnival.
    Hot Hitter (10 points): Beat One Shoe Cam in the Carnival.
    Carnival Champ (10 points): Beat Lucky Lee in the Carnival.
    X Marks the Spot (10 points): Revealed the treasure in Buccaneer Bay.
    Double Play (10 points): Won a silver medal in a Home Run League match.
    Bank it (10 points): Hit a 5X multiplier in the Carnival.
    15 Minutes of fame (10 points): Completed an Avatar FameStar Challenge.
    A Pirate's Life (10 points): Unlocked Buccaneer Bay stadium.
    Enter the Dragon (10 points): Unlocked Dragon's Den stadium.
    Hot Streak (10 points): Beat Line Drive Angie in the Dragon's Den.
    Top Contender (10 points): Beat Gorgeous Warner in the Dragon's Den.
    Dragon's Den Champ (10 points): Beat Pistol Pete in the Dragon's Den.
    Hat Trick (10 points): Won a Duel, Home Run Derby and Home Run League match.
    Jackpot (10 points): Hit a 5X multiplier in the Dragon's Den.
    Sunken Treasure (10 points): Found and hit the gold treasure trophy in Buccaneer Bay.
    Triple Play (20 points): Won a gold score medal at the end of a Home Run League match.
    Pinch Hitter (20 points): Hit 5 consecutive balls in Home Run League Mode
    World Champion (20 points): Completed Home Run League Mode.
    Pennant Player (20 points): Beat Cash Money in Buccaneer Bay.
    In Contention (20 points): Beat Fireball Terry in Buccaneer Bay.
    The Champ is here! (20 points): Beat Cyclone Williams in Buccaneer Bay.
    Grand Slam (25 points): Won a gold score medal for every match.
    Clutch Play (25 points): Scored 500,000 points in a Home Run League match.
    Almost Famous (50 points): Completed all Avatar FameStar bonus challenges.
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