Kinect Fun Labs: Mars Rover Landing



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Flight Director (10 points): Earned a 5-star rating for a perfect mission.
    Landing on fumes (10 points): Landed Curiosity without crashing and with zero fuel remaining.
    Gale Crater (5 points): Safely landed Curiosity in the center of the target zone.
    Integrity (5 points): Successfully landed Curiosity at full structural integrity.
    Training Complete (5 points): Successfully landed Curiosity 5 times.
    Powered Descent (5 points): Successfully landed Curiosity on the surface of Mars.
    Pyrotechnic (5 points): Successfully performed the Descent.
    Guided Entry (5 points): Navigated Curiosity through the atmosphere of Mars.
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