Kinect Party



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Six Pack (20 points): You've got a big living room!
    Let Me Pick (20 points): You picked a channel to watch!
    Social Butterfly (20 points): You shared a photo!
    I'm Your Huckleberry (20 points): You shared the wanted poster with gold blocks!
    One Hour Photo (20 points): You used the darkroom!
    Channel Surfer (20 points): You played through every channel!
    Shutterbug (20 points): You filled up the camera roll!
    We Were So Young (20 points): You watched a photo recap!
    Fowl Ball (20 points): You watched Fowl Ball!
    Enter Your Initials (20 points): You defeated every enemy in Hyperspace!
    Way of the Fist (20 points): You broke every object in the bonus round!
    Dragon's Breath (20 points): You breathed fire!
    I'm a Little Teacup (20 points): You created the teacup constellation!
    Special Order! (20 points): You prepared extra awful popcorn for the scoop!
    Abracadabra (20 points): You cast fairy magic!
    ARRRRRRR! (20 points): You found a treasure chest filled with gold!
    What Are The Odds? (20 points): You got struck by lightning twice!
    It's ALIVE!!! (20 points): You powered up the Tesla Device while shooting lightning!
    Outfoxed (20 points): You caught the desert fox!
    Crowd Funding (20 points): You got at least 2 players to throw money!
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