My Horse And Me 2

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Master of Foal Herding (10 points): Send 16 foals in Foal Herding game.
    Master of Labyrinth (10 points): Complete the Labyrinth game in less then 90 seconds.
    Master of Break in the Bull (10 points): Stay on horse 25 seconds in Rodeo game.
    Master of Ball Slalom (10 points): Complete the Slalom game in less then 65 seconds.
    Master of Race with Katelyn (10 points): Complete the Racing game in less than 70 seconds.
    Master of Jumping (30 points): Jump 150 fences in Show jumping courses.
    Master of Dressage (30 points): Make 20 dressage figures.
    Master of Cross-country (30 points): Jump 200 obstacles in cross country courses.
    Wardrobe Items unlocked (40 points): Unlock all wardrobe items.
    Stable Items Unlocked (40 points): Unlock all stable items.
    Local Competitions Unlocked (50 points): Local competitions unlocked.
    National Competitions Unlocked (50 points): National competitions unlocked.
    Internat. Competitions Unlocked (50 points): International Competitions Unlocked.
    Fun Games Expert (70 points): Finish fun games 10 times.
    Grooming Expert (60 points): Groom your horse 15 times.
    Trainings Expert (80 points): Get a perfect score in training events.
    Real Champion (90 points): Collect 8 gold trophies.
    Game Finished on Amateur (140 points): Complete the entire game on Amateur difficulty.
    Game Finished on Professional (190 points): Complete the entire game on Professional difficulty.
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