Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    YOKODUNA (10 points): Cleared World 4 in Adventure Mode.
    NAMAKURA (40 points): Cleared World 5 in Adventure Mode.
    SAKURA (10 points): Renewed World 1 Time within 5'10"000.
    FUJIYAMA (10 points): Cleared World 1 in Adventure Mode.
    MENDOU (10 points): Cleared World 2 in Adventure Mode.
    OIDEYASU (10 points): Cleared World 3 in Adventure Mode.
    NAZUNA (10 points): Renewed World 5 Time within 5'40"000.
    Gather round all CAVE-kun. (40 points): Collected all hidden CAVE-kun in Adventure Mode.
    CHOUNOYOUNIMAI HACHINOYOUNISASU (30 points): Survived over 3 minutes in Score Attack Mode.
    ASAGAO (10 points): Renewed World 2 Time within 4'05"000.
    SAZANKA (10 points): Renewed World 3 Time within 3'45"000.
    HIIRAGI (10 points): Renewed World 4 Time within 3'40"000.
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