Puss In Boots

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Always Land on my Feet (15 points): Complete a best of three team challenge.
    Adios, Amigo (10 points): Boot an enemy into a trap.
    Ole! (10 points): Block an enemy attack.
    Touche! (10 points): Perform a deflect.
    Scratch That (10 points): Perform a Claw Frenzy.
    Pet Peeved (10 points): Defeat 3 enemies with one guitar attack.
    Virtuoso (10 points): Play every guitar tune.
    These Eyes Tell No Lies (100 points): Discover every type of trap.
    Holy Frijoles (20 points): Defeat 20 enemies using the guitar.
    Looking Sharp (20 points): Defeat 10 enemies using Claw Frenzy.
    Over Easy (50 points): Collect all nine golden egg pieces.
    Pray For Mercy (50 points): Collect all nine wanted posters.
    Light on my Feet (20 points): Perform a perfect sneak.
    Copycat (20 points): Perform a perfect shape match.
    Well Balanced (20 points): Perform a perfect balance.
    Feisty Feline (20 points): Get a high score in Market Mayhem.
    Purrfecto (20 points): Get a high score in Barrel Barrage.
    Viva Gato! (20 points): Get a high score in Shape It Up!.
    Real Cats Wear Boots (20 points): Get a high score in Bandit Boot.
    Such Moves, Such Handsomeness (20 points): Get a perfect time in the Beanstalk.
    Don't Desert Me (20 points): Get a perfect time in the Canyon.
    Care to Dance-Fight? (20 points): Perform a perfect dance in the Cantina.
    Purrrrrrfect Score (20 points): Serenade three different senoritas with a perfect score.
    Swashbuckler (10 points): Bronze medal on every level.
    Hero (25 points): Silver medal on every level.
    Legendary (50 points): Gold medal on every level.
    The Cat's Whiskers (100 points): Complete the game with 100% progress.

Additionally, there are 13 secret achievements:

    This Cat is En Fuego (15 points): Complete The Mine.
    Danger is my Game (15 points): Complete The Great Terror.
    Check me Out (15 points): Complete The Hotel.
    Born with Cat-like Moves (15 points): Complete The Chase.
    En Garde (15 points): Defeat the cat lover.
    I Thirst for Leche (15 points): Complete The Thieves' Bar.
    Me-ow! (15 points): Serenade a senorita.
    Wild Goose Chased (15 points): Complete The Giant's Castle.
    Conquistador of the clouds (15 points): Complete The Beanstalk.
    I Flirt with Danger (15 points): Rock a pig back to sleep.
    Nice moves, Senor (15 points): Complete The Cantina.
    Stage Complete (15 points): Complete The Stagecoach Robbery.
    All I need are the boots, baby! (100 points): Complete the game.
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