Moto Racer 4



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Rookie (10 points): Succeed a challenge.
    Perfectionist (50 points): Unlock 165 stars.
    Future champion (20 points): Succeed chapter 5.
    Clean sweep (30 points): Succeed 55 challenges.
    Olé (20 points): Do 250 wheelies.
    Tightrope walker (20 points): Do 3500 wheelies.
    Spanner in the wheels (20 points): Do 200 swerves.
    Spartacus (30 points): You knocked down 100 riders with swerves.
    The Leech (15 points): Reach a total of 180 seconds of slipstreaming during a race.
    To infinity and beyond (20 points): Keep your light trail for 120 seconds.
    Whiplash (10 points): Perform a whip on a dirt bike.
    Mom! Look at me! (5 points): Do a trick.
    Single is simple, double is trouble (20 points): Do a double flip.
    I believe I can fly (10 points): Score more than 800 points with a single trick.
    Gravity (30 points): Reach a total of one hour in mid-air.
    Controlled skid (20 points): Do a 250-meter drift.
    Bend the knees (30 points): Successfully attempt 50 perfect landings in one race.
    Johnny, be good! (10 points): Successfully attempt 200 orange T.U.R.B.O boosts.
    It's all about style (30 points): Score more than 5 000 000 style points.
    Fine wine gets better with age (20 points): Win all races in the 6-5 Championship with Amund.
    Young prodigy (20 points): Win the 6-2 challenge with a Gold performance.
    Top mechanic (20 points): Upgrade Wrench and Bolt's bikes to the max.
    Street hawk (20 points): Score 3000 high-speed points in one go.
    Top of the charts (30 points): Win the 9-3 challenge with a Gold performance.
    Fashionista (20 points): Customize Stella to the max.
    Gently does it (20 points): Successfully perform 200 T.U.R.B.O landings.
    Feeling Saul lonely (20 points): Win the 3-3 challenge without using the turbo.
    R&D (20 points): Upgrade the T.U.R.B.O on Jody and Saul's bikes to the max.
    Heavy traffic (30 points): Succeed all the slalom challenges with 3 stars.
    Start with Style (5 points): Reach a total of 50,000 style points in one race.
    Acrobat (10 points): Reach a total of 150,000 style points in one race.
    Black belt in Style (15 points): Reach a total of 500,000 style points in one race.
    Mid-air choreography (20 points): Reach a x10 style combo.
    Outrageously good (10 points): Do a 5-second burn out... and win!.
    Burnt rubber (5 points): Do a 10-turn donut.
    Uncharted (30 points): Find all the shortcuts in the game.
    The eagle has landed (30 points): Ride on a truck's trailer.
    A bridge too far (10 points): Move from one bridge to another over Spider Gorges.
    Attack of the plumber (20 points): Land on an opponent and make him or her fall down.
    This one's for you, Paul! (10 points): Do a wheelie on the Great Wall of China.
    Who's the boss? (10 points): Win a ten-player online game.
    100 % no mercy (20 points): Win 100 races online.
    Champion of the world (20 points): Win a ten-player online championship.
    Fancy meeting you here! (20 points): Join a private online game.
    Big bully (30 points): Make 100 online opponents fall down.
    Yamakasi (20 points): Do a Flip + Trick combo.
    Brush with death (20 points): Brush against vehicles in traffic 300 times.
    The ambassador's reception (15 points): Play a ten-player game.
    No competition (30 points): Finish a race 10s ahead of your nearest rival (single race - 'God' difficulty).

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    Highway to hell (30 points): Unlock the eleventh chapter.
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