The Park

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Easy "Chad" achievement

Look at Chad while riding the Tunnel Of Tales to get the "Chad" achievement.

Easy "Family Ties" achievement

This is found on one of the benches near the second ride. Look around the edges where the benches are located to get the "Family Ties" achievement.

Easy "Shocking Revelations" achievement

Find and interact with the battery found on top of a bumper car to get the "Shocking Revelations" achievement.

Easy "The Mist" achievement

Instead of going up to the front desk to enter the park, turn to your right. Walk up the road until you cannot go further to get the "The Mist" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome to the Park (50 points): Enter the Park.
    The Shakes (50 points): Take a ride on the bumper cars.
    Spin, Spin, Sugar (50 points): Find the missing Ferris wheel cart.
    Ups and Downs (50 points): Take a rollercoaster ride.
    Hope's Light (50 points): Obtain a flashlight.
    House of Horrors (100 points): Enter the House of Horrors.
    Dreamlike State (100 points): Find your fate in the deepest ends of the Park.
    Swans, Gingerbread and Chocolate (50 points): Take a ride through the Tunnel of Tales.
    Shocking Revelations (75 points): Learn about shock therapy.
    The Mist (100 points): Leave the Park.
    What a Strange Trip It's Been (75 points): Find the pills.
    Family Ties (75 points): "Me and Callum."
    Chad (100 points): Have a "conversation" with Chad.
    Killer Instinct (75 points): Learn about Chad.
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