Professional Farmer 2017



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Cashflow (100 points): Earn 1,000,000 €.
    Moo! (50 points): Own 60 cows.
    Oink! (50 points): Own 40 pigs.
    Cluck! (50 points): Own 300 chicken.
    Baa! (50 points): Own 250 sheep.
    Amber Waves of Grain (150 points): Own all fields.
    One Big Missed Steak (50 points): Sell 120 cows.
    Piggy Bank (50 points): Sell 100 pigs.
    Wool Worth (50 points): Sell 500 sheep.
    Only Rooster in the Yard (50 points): Sell 600 chicken.
    Motor Pool (50 points): Own all tractors.
    Pull Away (50 points): Own all trailers.
    Accessories (50 points): Own all equipment.
    Fully Equipped (100 points): Own all available machinery.
    A Brand New Dawn (100 points): Complete the Tutorial.
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