Shadow Complex Remastered

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Let's Get Punchy (20 points): Melee 5 soldiers.
    Bomba Punter (30 points): Punt 20 Bombas.
    My Head A-splode (30 points): Get 50 headshots.
    Make 'Em Scream (30 points): Get 100 soldiers to scream.
    To Kill a Blackbird (20 points): Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president.
    Look Out! (10 points): Kill a soldier with a Bomba.
    Walkin' on Water (10 points): Make it from one end of the lake to the other in hyperspeed.
    Hero (100 points): Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
    Completionist (50 points): Complete the game with 100% of the items.
    Minimalist (30 points): Complete the game with less than 13% of items.
    Proven Grounds (20 points): Complete the three challenge packs in the Proving Grounds.
    Serious Complex (30 points): Level up to experience level 50.
    Reunited (10 points): Rescue Claire.
    Jason Bailey (50 points): Complete the game at 100% in under 2 hours on any difficulty.
    ChAIRness (50 points): Complete the game at 100% in under 3 hours on Insane.
    The Insurgent (50 points): Complete the game at 4% with only the Flashlight, Backpack, Grenade, Foam, and Missile.
    Status Update: Single (30 points): Complete the game by abandoning Claire to her fate.

Additionally, there are 22 secret achievements:

    Let There Be Light (10 points): Turn on your flashlight.
    Hee-ya! (20 points): Knock back enemies 1000 meters total with melee attacks.
    The Whole 9 Yards (20 points): Kill 200 soldiers with a gun emplacement.
    Charted (20 points): Unlock the entire game map.
    Mutually Deterrent (20 points): Collect all the missile packs.
    Unrestricted Access (20 points): Collect all passkeys.
    This Side To Enemy (20 points): Collect all the grenade packs.
    Fort Knox (20 points): Collect all the gold bars.
    Surface Tension (20 points): Collect all the foam canisters.
    From Alpha to Omega (10 points): Complete the Omega Armor.
    Itsy Bitsy Spider (10 points): Defeat a Spidertank by drowning it.
    The Bigger They Are (20 points): Defeat a Devastator with a foam grenade.
    Spam in a Can (20 points): Defeat an XOS-1 Soldier with the Inertial Element.
    Run, Forest! (30 points): Run 10 kilometers total in hyperspeed.
    Roller Coaster (10 points): Take 20 rides on the mine cart.
    10.0 From the Judges (20 points): Do a triple jump.
    Complexity Theory (10 points): Level up to experience level 10.
    5 Shots, 5 Kills (20 points): Do 5 consecutive headshots without reloading or taking damage.
    Old Dog, New Tricks (10 points): Perform each type of melee attack: Dropkick, Hanging Takedown, Drop-down Takedown, Double Takedown.
    Hook, Line and Sinker (20 points): Kill an enemy with the Hookshot..
    Speedy Delivery (30 points): Complete the final fight in less than 1 minute 30 seconds..
    Gets Better With Age (50 points): Complete the game with 8 Health Packs, 19 Grenade Packs, 20 Foam Packs and 9 Missile Packs.
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