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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Challenge Accepted (10 points): Complete a Challenge.
    I Got Five on it (20 points): Play 5 Challenges.
    I Got a Badge! (20 points): Earn a performance badge.
    I Got Ten Badges!! (40 points): Earn a performance badge in 10 different Challenges.
    Consistency is Key (20 points): Get a badge for consistency.
    Like Clockwork (40 points): Get a consistency badge on 10 different Challenges.
    Can't Stop the Beast! (10 points): Never stop doing push-ups in Push 'Em Up.
    Alien Empathy (10 points): Do not trigger the bonus mode in a game of Abs Zapper.
    Artful Dodger (10 points): Avoid 10 mines in To The Core.
    Can't Touch This (10 points): Get 10 perfect moves in a row playing Stunt Run.
    Beat the Beat Up (30 points): Defeat the Beatmaster during every confrontation on her quest.
    A Star is Born (20 points): Earn every star on the Beatmaster's quest.
    Luchamania (30 points): Defeat the Luchador during every confrontation on his quest.
    Legendary Luchador (20 points): Earn every star on the Luchador's quest.
    Putting in Work (10 points): Finish a Day of training in a quest.
    Consistency Equals Results (30 points): Finish 3 total Days of training in quest mode.
    It Was a Good Day (30 points): Earn 3 Stars in a Day of training in quest mode.
    Star Power (50 points): Earn 3 Stars in 3 Days of training in quest mode.
    On the Grind (40 points): Finish 1 week of quest mode content in 1 day.
    Bro Do You Even Quest? (20 points): Finish a quest in under a month.
    Friendly Competition (10 points): Accept an Online Match challenge.
    Throwing down the Gauntlet (20 points): Create an Online Match challenge.
    Gimme All the Bolts (30 points): Score 500 Bolts in a single Online Match.
    Objective Completed (20 points): Complete a weekly objective.
    2x Streak! (10 points): Reach a 2x Weekly Objective streak.
    4x Streak!! (20 points): Reach a 4x Weekly Objective streak.
    8x Streak!!! (40 points): Reach a 8x Weekly Objective streak.
    16x Streak!!! (60 points): Reach a 16x Weekly Objective streak.
    How Winning is Done (80 points): Reach a 24x Weekly Objective streak.
    Practice Makes Perfect (10 points): Finish a workout.
    More Practice, More Perfect (20 points): Finish a total of any 5 workouts.
    Have a Badge (20 points): Unlock a performance badge from workout.
    So Many Badges! (40 points): Unlock a performance badge across any 12 workouts.
    Consistent Training (20 points): Get a consistency badge from a workout.
    All the Training!! (40 points): Get 12 consistency badges from workouts.
    I Could Do This All Day (10 points): During a round of Piano Step stay in Max Combo for 10 consecutive seconds.
    Savior of the Universe! (10 points): During Squat Me To The Moon's bonus mode destroy all targets.
    None Shall Pass! (10 points): Block every watermelon during Knee Up Splash's bonus mode.
    Supreme Skater (10 points): Never hit an obstacle during a round of Volcano Skate.
    Super Surfer (10 points): Pick up every Bolt during Waterfall Jump's bonus mode.
    Arctic Perfection (10 points): Never miss the target playing a round of Arctic Punch.
    Double Down (30 points): Earn 2x the amount of Bolts required to complete the Weekly Objective.
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