Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Hunter Becomes the Prey (70 points): Finish Prey Tell Case.
    The Golem Awakened (70 points): Finish A Study in Green Case.
    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Detectives (70 points): Finish Infamy Case.
    Domesticity (30 points): Solve Mary Sutherland's Case.
    Disaster Strikes (70 points): Finish The Case of the Chain Reaction.
    Madame Destiny (70 points): Finish Fever Dreams Case.
    The Drawn Curtain (70 points): Complete the game.
    On the Trail (15 points): Don't let the suspicious man out of your sight.
    At Gunpoint (30 points): Become prey, to trick the hunter.
    Hermit's Lair (15 points): Locate the hideout.
    Back Against the Wall (30 points): Experience a hearty welcome.
    Phantasmagorical Journey (30 points): Escape the perils of your imagination.
    Mechanical Art (30 points): Find a way inside a secret room.
    Lawn Bowls Champion (15 points): Win a tournament of local interest.
    Agent 221B (30 points): Become a shadow unseen.
    Tavern Tangle (15 points): Come to fisticuffs, but for good reason.
    Exorcism 2.5 (30 points): Banish devilry.
    Unwanted Attention (15 points): Deal with a gift from a secret admirer.
    Ace of Spades (30 points): Let the cards fall where they may.
    Breathe Easy (15 points): Breathe life into one in need.
    Domino Effect (30 points): Reconstruct a deadly chain of events.
    Pump It Up (30 points): Find a way to control the water.
    The Greatest Test of All (30 points): Have the last dance with "Madame Destiny".
    It's All in the Stars (30 points): Let the stars lead you out of danger.
    Life of a Consulting Detective (130 points): Collect all possible in-game achievements.
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