Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Chounin (5 points): Kill 1 ninja.
    First Impression? (5 points): Play 1 game of SlashDash.
    SlashDash'd (5 points): Perform the eponymous move.
    Jounin (25 points): Get 100 kills.
    SlashDashALot (50 points): SlashDash 100 times.
    Centurion (55 points): Play 100 games.
    Deforestation (100 points): Get 5 doublekills in one game.
    A Dangerous Game (50 points): Reflect a Kunai 3 times.
    Bamboo Cutter (25 points): Slash 100 Bamboo.
    Catch! (25 points): Stun 100 times.
    Trophy Room (55 points): Capture the Flag 500 times.
    Can't Touch This (100 points): Finish a round of Mirror Match with no deaths.
    Bragging Rights (100 points): Get 50 kills in 1 game of Capture The Flag.
    Deathrace Rampage (100 points): Get 20 kills in one game of Deathrace.
    Paralysis (100 points): Get 50 stuns in 1 game of Deathrace.
    Back Scratcher (100 points): SlashDash 15 times in 1 game of Capture The Flag.
    Hot Potato? (100 points): Pass the Shogun 25 times in a game of Assassination.
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