Slice Zombies For Kinect



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome (10 points): You haven't played Slice Zombies for Kinect yet. I guess it's about time.
    This Is Zarta (20 points): Slice off the heads of 10 zombies.
    Headbanger (50 points): Slice off the heads of 50 zombies.
    Brainwash (100 points): Slice off the heads of 150 zombies.
    This Can Get Handy (20 points): Slice 10 hands.
    High Five (50 points): Slice 50 hands.
    Handycapped (100 points): Slice 150 hands.
    Zombie Disposal (20 points): Slice 50 zombies in a single game.
    Neighbours ate my zombies (50 points): Slay 150 zombies.
    How many more are there? (100 points): Slay 1000 zombies.
    Baller Status (20 points): Collect 400 coins in a single game.
    In Coins We Trust (50 points): Collect 5000 coins.
    Champagne and Caviar (100 points): Collect 15000 coins.
    An arm and a leg. (20 points): Cut off 2 limbs.
    Bag full of Zombies (50 points): Cut off 500 limbs.
    Limb Bizkit (100 points): Cut off 3000 limbs.
    The Winner Takes It All (140 points): Complete the game.
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