Metroid Prime: Blast Ball


Amiibo paint jobs

Select "Customize", "Paint Jobs", then press Y and scan one of the following Amiibos to unlock the corresponding paint job. Any other Amiibo will give the "Skull" paint job.

    Bowser Jr.: Use the Bowser Jr. Amiibo.
    Bowser: Use any Bowser Amiibo.
    Luigi: Use any Luigi Amiibo.
    Mario: Use any Mario Amiibo.
    Peach: Use any Peach Amiibo.
    Rosalina: Use any Rosalina Amiibo.
    Samus: Use the Samus Amiibo.
    Skull: Use any other Amiibo not on this list.
    Zero Suit Samus: Use the Zero Suit Samus Amiibo.

Paint jobs

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock a random paint job. The 15 unlockable paint jobs are: Camouflage, Clover, Clubs, Diamonds, Fire, Flower, Hearts, Lightning, Polka Dot, Shark, Spades, Star, Kraid, Mother Brain, and Ridley.

    Paint Job #1: Score within 5 seconds.
    Paint Job #2: Score 3 goals in a game.
    Paint Job #3: Score 50 goals.
    Paint Job #4: Perform 3 assists in a game.
    Paint Job #5: Perform 50 assists.
    Paint Job #6: Perform 5 blocks in a game.
    Paint Job #7: Perform 100 blocks.
    Paint Job #8: Get one Blast Ball win.
    Paint Job #9: Get 10 Blast Ball wins.
    Paint Job #10: Get 100 Blast Ball wins.
    Paint Job #11: Win 7 Blast Ball games in a row.
    Paint Job #12: Successfully complete a challenge.
    Paint Job #13: Successfully complete 10 challenges.
    Paint Job #14: Run over 10 km.
    Paint Job #15: Push the ball over 10 km.
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