Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Theater mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Theater mode, which allows you to replay the game's cinematics.

  • Challenge missions

    Collect Ordeal Badges and Ordeal Blazons to unlock Challenge missions.

  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character in Mission mode:

      Donald: Get promoted to Expert.
      Goofy: Get promoted to Master.
      King Mickey: Successfully complete the game, then purchase the Return Of The King item from the Moogle Shop.
      Riku: Get promoted to Agent.
      Sora: Successfully complete all missions (100% game completion), then purchase the Soul Of Sora item from the Moogle Shop.
      Xion: Get promoted to Rookie.

  • Dual-wielding Roxas

    Successfully complete the game, then purchase the Zero Gear from the Moogle Shop. Equip it on Roxas in Mission mode, then add three Ability Units to be able to dual wield with Roxas.

  • Limit Pass

    Successfully complete all Mission mode missions with a "Gold Crown" rank to unlock the "Limit Pass" in the Moogle shop for purchase. This item allows you to customize limits in Mission mode.

  • Free items from the organizations

    Make sure to talk to all of the organizations in the Grey Area after you complete a mission. They may give you free items or quests to be done. If you complete the quests they give to you, sometimes they will give you rare items such as Diamonds.

  • Freebies items

    Get the indicated number of Crowns from completing missions in Mission and Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding item under "Freebies" at the shop:

      Adamanite X2 (material): 180 Crowns
      Aero X3 (magic): 25 Crowns
      Aeroga (magic): 130 Crowns
      Aerora X3 (magic): 80 Crowns
      Blizzara X2 (magic): 40 Crowns
      Blizzard X3 (magic): 15 Crowns
      Crimson Blood (ring): 160 Crowns
      Cura X2 (magic): 35 Crowns
      Elixir X10: 70 Crowns
      Ether X10: 8 Crowns
      Guard Unit (L): 240 Crowns
      Hi-Ether X10: 55 Crowns
      Hi-Potion X10: 50 Crowns
      Lift Gear+ (3) (weapon): 10 Crowns
      Limit recharge X5: 75 Crowns
      LV Doubler (6): 260 Crowns
      LV Quadrupler (3): 220 Crowns
      Magic unit (L): 190 Crowns
      Master's Circle (ring): 358 Crowns
      Mega-Ether X10: 100 Crowns
      Mega-potion X10: 90 Crowns
      Megalixir X5: 120 Crowns
      Mystery Gear (3) (weapon): 60 Crowns
      Panacea X10: 30 Crowns
      Potion X10: 5 Crowns
      Power Unit (L): 170 Crowns
      Premium Orb (material): 140 Crowns
      Rune Ring (ring): 200 Crowns
      Sliding Dash LV+ (L): 150 Crowns
      Slot Releaser: 65 Crowns
      Slot Releaser: 20 Crowns
      Slot releaser: 280 Crowns
      Slot Releaser: 45 Crowns
      Slot Releaser: 85 Crowns
      Slot Releaser: 1 Crown
      Ultimate Gear (6) (weapon): 110 Crowns
      Valor Gear+ (2) (weapon): 2 Crowns

  • Synthesis Moogle items

    Collect the indicated number of Sigils from the Holo-Mission challenges to unlock the corresponding item from the Synthesis Moogle:

      Casual Gear (2): 15 Sigils
      Cure X3: 25 Sigils
      Fira X2: 45 Sigils
      Fira X3: 20 Sigils
      Glide (5): 150 Sigils
      Glide Lv+ (L): 170 Sigils
      Haste: 10 Sigils
      Haste (3): 100 Sigils
      Haste Lv+ (L): 200 Sigils
      Haste Lv+ L: 110 Sigils
      Level Up: 210 Sigils
      Level Up: 140 Sigils
      Level Up: 230 Sigils
      Level Up: 90 Sigils
      LV Doubler (6): 180 Sigils
      LV Tripler (4): 220 Sigils
      Omega Gear: 160 Sigils
      Phantom Gear+ (4): 70 Sigils
      Rage Gear (5): 120 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 190 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 240 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 130 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 5 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 80 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 50 Sigils
      Slot Releaser: 30 Sigils
      Thundara X2: 60 Sigils
      Thundara X3: 35 Sigils
      Ultima Weapon: 255 Sigils
      Wild Gear+ (3): 40 Sigils

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