Super Princess Peach



  • Play opening mini-game

    At the title screen, hold R and press Start to start the game where you push all the toads off the screen.

  • Level 8-6

    Collect all the Toads in each area to unlock Level 8-6.

  • Endless Fever mode

    Successfully complete all levels twice, all mini-games once, and clear the Music History and Puzzles. The Endless Fever item will now be available for purchase at the shop at no cost. This item allows your Emotion gauge to always remain full.

  • Dash Attack Kassa move

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the Dash Attack Kassa move. This move allows you to attack while dashing by pressing Y or B.

  • Alternate title screen

    Set the system time to day or night to change the title to the corresponding version.

  • Infinite coins

    Buy the Courage Soda at the shop for 1,000 coins. Play a level and attack a monster to get five coins. Walk out of view of where the monster was found. Return and the monster should be there again. Kill the monster again to get another five coins. Repeat this as many times as desired.

  • Easy health

    Purchase the "Natural Power" item from the Shop. To refill the yellow bar below your heart, find a safe place to stand still with no enemies nearby that can harm you. Allow Peach to stand idle and do not use the touch screen or controls. The umbrella will cover Peach's head and the bar will refill.

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