Rocket Power: Beach Bandits

Strategy Guide


  • Cheat mode

    Go to the options menu and choose "Cheats". Answer the series of seven questions with the following to unlock the entire game:

      1. Squid
      2. Conroy
      3. Tito Makani
      4. Maurice
      5. Ocean Shores
      6. Otto
      7. Eddie:Prince of the Netherworld

  • Play as Pi

    Collect 20 Gold Coins to unlock Pi.

  • Play as Spurtz

    Collect 30 Gold Coins to unlock Spurtz, Pi's friend.

  • Play as Lars

    Collect 40 Gold Coins to unlock Lars.

  • Play as Eric Golem Jr.

    Collect 50 Gold Coins to unlock Eric Golem Jr.

  • Play as Eddie

    Collect 60 Gold Coins to unlock Eddie.

  • Bonuses

    Get 750 on the Shooting Gallery and The Brains That Ate California for two Gold Coins and two episodes of Rocket Power.

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