South Park

Strategy Guide

  • Cheat Codes

    Select "Enter Cheat" from the main menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the cheat will be displayed on the screen. Press Left, Right, C-Left, or C-Right to change the letter on the "Cheesy Poofs Secret Decoder". Press Start or A to enter a letter. Press B to enter the cheat. Select the "Cheats" option and set each enabled code as desired. All cheats entered can be saved after reaching a save point.

    BOBBYBIRDAll cheats enabled
    THEEARTHMOVEDLevel select
    FATKNACKERAll weapons
    FATTERKNACKERInfinite ammo
    OMGTKKYBAll characters in multi-player mode
    SLAPUPMEALStarvin Marvin unlocked
    PHAERTPhillip unlocked
    RAFTTerrance unlocked
    DOROTHYSFRIENDMr. Garrison unlocked
    CHEATINGISBADMr. Mackey unlocked
    LOVEMACHINEChef unlocked
    CHECKATACOWendy unlocked
    FISHNCHIPSPip unlocked
    KICKMEIke unlocked
    ALLWOMANMs. Cartman unlocked
    GOODSCIENCEMephisto unlocked
    STARINGFROGJimbo unlocked
    HAWKINGNed unlocked
    OUTRAGEBig Gay Al unlocked
    ELVISLIVESOfficer Barbrady unlocked
    MAJESTICAlien unlocked
    VEGGIEHEAVENSkinny unlocked
    MEGANOGGINBig head mode
    PLANEARIUMPen and ink mode
    SCREWYOUGUYSView credits

    Game Shark Codes

    Unlock Cheat Modifier810CD226 ????
    Activate Cheat Modifier810CD222 ????
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Cheat Modifier Codes
    0001 - Invincibility
    0002 - All Players
    0004 - All Weapons
    0008 - Unlimited Ammo
    0010 - Big Heads
    0020 - Skinny Mode
    0040 - Pen & Ink Mode
    0080 - Level Select
    0100 - Show Credits
    01FF - All Cheats Enabled

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