Strategy Guide

  • Level select

    Enter "[Saturn][Spaceship][Rocket][Heart][Skull]" as a name. Then, press L + C-Right + C-Down to enter the special characters in the name. Any level in any game mode may now be accessed.

  • Lines mini-game

    Enter "LINES" as a name. Now the object of the game is to remove an area large enough to released the trapped character. Line up three pieces in a horizontal or vertical line to remove them.

  • Hidden music

    Enter "G[Alien head]MEBOY" as a name. Then, press L + C-Right + C-Down to enter the special character in the name. Enter the audio screen to access nine additional songs.

  • View vortex sequence

    Enter "VORTEX" as a name. Then, hold the reset button. Now a sequence showing all robots being sucked into a vortex will be displayed after several seconds. Release the reset button to end the display.

  • View credits

    Enter "CREDITS" as a name.

    Game Shark Codes

    Single & VS Mode Codes
    Infinite Misses P1 80112F9F 0003
    Secret Cheat Menu Screen8011265F 00AD
    Infinite Time P180112629 0000
    Weapon Modifier P180110922 00??
    Single Player Mode Only
    Score Modifier P1 (Smaller)80112D18 ????
    Score Modifier P1 (Larger)80112D1A ????
    Infinite Slides P1 (Puzzle Mode)801127E9 0009
    Time Modifier (Larger-Puzzle Mode)81112D2C ????
    Time Modifier (Smaller-Puzzle Mode)81112D2E ????
    Infinite Misses P280116207 0003
    Infinite Time P280115890 0000
    Weapon Modifier P2 80113B8A 00??
    Gameboy Cheat Message80112F9E 0003
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
    00 - Rocket
    01 - Dynamite
    02 - Magnet
    03 - 3 Purple Bars
    04 - Drop Bomb
    05 - Green Spike Ball

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