Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Space Marine helmet and suit

    Reach "Stone Hammer" rank with 1,500 GP to get the Space Marine helmet and suit.

  • Join Guild ability

    Reach "Metal Axe" rank with 2,300 GP to get the Join Guild ability.

  • Create Guild ability

    Reach "Silver Axe" rank with 20,000 GP to get the Create Guild ability.

  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, display the talk console, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    Connect to indicated game number/go [number]
    Display console commands/h
    Display function key commands/key
    Pass key while in waiting room/pkey [name]
    Bar while in waiting room/bar [name]
    Ignore indicated player/mute [name]
    Kicks indicated player from game/kick [name]
    List ignored players/mutelist
    Restore all ignore players to normal/loudall
    Restore ignored player to normal/loud [name]
    Send private message to indicated player/msg [name] [message]
    Send private message to indicated player/m [name] [message]
    Football bullets (only activated by host)/worldcup
    Programmer message/blash45
    Programmer message/cozy
    Programmer message/comsik
    Programmer message/pirania
    Programmer message/ethera
    Programmer message/knights
    Programmer message/johnny5
    Programmer message/reddragon
    Programmer message/jchlee75
    Programmer message/yaong2
    Programmer message/jaeyong
    Programmer message/oorusa
    Programmer message/chuko
    Programmer message/scjang
    Programmer message/loserii
    Programmer message/yesoori
    Programmer message/enddream
    Programmer message/kasi
    Programmer message/ipconfig
    Christmas theme [Note]/cjswoshrdua
    Normal theme [Note]/gunbound
    Quit game at any time, even when not your turn/quit or /exit

    Note: Enable this code while the host in the waiting room and selecting bots.

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