• Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, enter one of the following codes:

    Cheat Code Result
    theresnoplacelikeozLevel skip
    healthful100% health
    thickskinLess damage
    carrymore50 more shotgun shells
    gimmedatAll items, full health
    dawholeenchiladaMissiles and grenades
    breakyosakShotgun shells
    myteamouse20 fire extinguishers
    shellfestSpray cannon
    flamenstein200 flame thrower rounds
    shotgun50-100 shot gun shells
    thebestgunSpray cannon
    lobitfarGrenade and fire extinguisher
    titaniiiMissiles, heatseekers
    sternomatFireball gun
    firehurler200 flame thrower rounds
    crotchbombMine field bombs
    hesstillgoodReturn from dead
    explodaramaGrenades, missiles, heatseekers

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