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Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Sandbox mode

    Successfully complete the game. When in the "Origins" level, you can modify the world as desired and control any element.

  • Water manipulation

    When a tribe member is stuck on a cliff, absorb some water, push them down, then quickly absorb the water again. When a tribe member is carrying "repel water", you can push him down a hill with water to force him to move faster.

  • Relic locations

    Search the indicated location to find the corresponding relic:

      The Breath: Unknown.
      The Ritual: Under dirt in the mountains.
      The Roar Of The Sea: Unknown.
      The First Power: Unknown.
      The Thousand Sources: On a hill near the Jellify Water power.
      Wildfires: Move your second Totem, then look above the location where you moved the second Totem to.
      Waves: On a hill near the Jellify Water Totem.
      High Tides: Unknown.
      The Tears Of Stone: On the back side of the volcano.
      The Raging Earth: South of the Fire Repel relic.
      Emergence: Underwater between the spawn point and the Amplify the Breath Totem.
      Movements: Unknown.
      Origins: Unknown.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Exhaling (Bronze): Create the Breath of the elements.
      Hell (Bronze): Complete the Wildfire territory.
      The end of our journey (Bronze): Complete the Movements territory.
      Sanctuary (Silver): Create a sanctuary for the tribe.
      Safe journey (Bronze): Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages.
      Memories found (Silver): Complete the Memory of the tribe.
      Green thumb (Silver): Cover each map with vegetation.
      Gauntlet (Silver): Complete every challenge.
      Last Breath (Gold): Complete every challenge, every territory, the Memory and every secondary objective.
      Krakatoa (Bronze): Absorb a massive amount of lava during the game.
      Powermonger (Bronze): Use the powers of the Breath 100 times.
      Amazon (Bronze): Uproot and replant 100 trees during the game.

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