Fairy Fencer F Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Fairy Fencer F Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Fairy Fencer F

Recruiting Apollonius

Successfully complete Subterranian Tower, watch the sub-event in town, and collect Emily’s Amulet. Successfully complete Rudohke Blast Furnace, and Apollonius will join your party if Fang is at least Level 40.

Recruiting Dohn

After completing the game, start another playthrough. After completing Yatagan Lava Flows (revisited), immediately accept and complete the “B” rank quest, “Emergency! First Aid!”. Successfully complete Katticus Ice Cave, return to town, and Harley will join your party. Then, watch the sub-event in Guillermo’s Pub to recruit Dohn.

Recruiting Gozer

Collect all 39 other fairies, and place them for World Shaping. Successfully complete 39F of Shukesoo Tower, then watch the sub-event in Guillermo’s Pub to recruit Gozer.

Recruiting Lola

Trigger and complete all of the following side quests. Lola will join your party after completing Cavare Desert Sanctuary (revisited).

    1. Before entering Yatagan Lava Flows (NEO Eligos in Sol Plains).
    2. After entering Katticus Ice Cave (Neo Giant in Yatagan Lava Flows).
    3. Before entering Kidanar (NEO Bactritoid in Katticus Ice cave drops Broken Fury Hilt).
    4. After entering Bui Valley (NEO Ghost in Kidanar).
    5. After entering Zawaza Plains (NEO Azure Dragon in Bui Valley).
    6. After entering Cavare Desert Sanctuary (NEO Gukyo in Cavare Desert drops Broken Fury Edge).
    7. After entering Katticus Ice Cave (revisited) (NEO Flying Dragon in Sol Plains).
    8. After entering Zawaza Plains (revisited) (NEO Insect in Yatagan Lava Flows).
    9. After entering Solaru Vilage (revisited) (NEO Caladrius in Katticus Ice Cave).
    10. After entering Bui Valley (revisited) (NEO Canhell in Solaru Village).
    11. After entering Subterranean Tower (revisited) (NEO Gorlois in Bui Valley).
    12. After clearing Subterranean Tower (revisited), then a battle in town (NEO Pixie in Zawaza Plains).
    13. After entering Lusamundo Ice Caves (NEO Hannibal in Cavare Desert).
    14. After entering Inverted Tower (NEO BI Dragon in Rudohke Blast Furnace).
    15. After entering Zeppelia Valley (NEO Imperial Blue Dragon in Lusamundo Ice Caves).
    16. After clearing Zeppelia Valley (Imperial Gold Dragon in Subterranean Tower).

Recruiting Rita

Obtain the Broken Fury Hilt, Edge, and Blade, Synthesize Cracked Fury. Combine them with Forged Steel, then Forged Mithril. Watch the sub-event in Desert Sanctuary to recruit Rita.

“S” rank Fairies

Successfully complete the indicated tasks to obtain the corresponding “S” rank fairy. Note: The Polished Fury and its ingredients will not transfer to a New Game+, so the following steps must be done before completing Stairway To Heaven. Additionally, Tiara is unavailable from this point until the final battle, so you must carry Rita over into a New Game+ in order to use it for Godly Revival.

S-Rank Fairy #1

    1. Collect the Broken Fury Hilt and Broken Fury Edge in Lola’s sub-event fights.
    2. Collect the Broken Fury Blade from Bernard in Stairway To Heaven 3F.
    3. Leave Stairway To Heaven, and synthesize the Cracked Fury.
    4. Combine the Cracked Fury with Forged Steel, followed by Forged Mithril to get the Polished Fury.
    5. View the related sub-event in the Sanctuary to get the “S” rank fairy Rita.

S-Rank Fairy #2

    1. Obtain all 39 other fairies. Place them for world shaping, complete Shukesoo Tower 39F, then view the sub-event in Guillermo’s Pub.

Sound Gallery disc

To unlock the “Sound Gallery” option, you must collect a black disc from a non-hidden treasure crystal next to the final event in Cavare Desert North, during your first visit. It must be collected before the event in Cavare Desert Sanctuary blocks off that area.

Element Stone locations

Search the indicated location to obtain the corresponding stone:

    Blaze: Yatagan Lava Flows (revisited) treasure, Rudohke Blast Furnace treasure
    Earth: Subterranian Tower treasure, Stairway To Heaven treasure, stolen from Golem in Cavare Desert (revisited)
    Fire: Yatagan Lava Flows treasure, Cavare Desert treasure, Rudohke Blast Furnace treasure, rarely stolen from Phoenix from Rudohke Blast Furnace
    Gale: Bui Valley (revisited) treasure, Zeppelia Valley treasure
    Glacial: Lusamundo Ice Cave treasure
    Ice: Katticus Ice Cave treasure, Lusamundo Ice Cave treasure, rarely stolen from Ice Hawks in Lusamundo Ice cave
    Lightning: Zawaza Plains treasure, rarely stolen from Thunder birds in Bui Valley
    Maelstrom: Awarded from Medis after 200 battles
    Water: Bui Valley (revisited) treasure, rarely stolen from Venti in Katticus Ice Cave (revisited), awarded by Sayle after 200 battles
    Wind: Bui Valley treasure, Zawaza Plains treasure, Zeppelia Valley treasure, rarely stolen from Slash sharks in Zepplia Valley

Element Stone synthesis

The following ingredients are required to synthesize the indicated stone:

    Blaze: 5 Fire
    Glacial: 5 Ice
    Gale: 5 Wind
    Rumble: 5 Earth
    Cloudburst: 5 Lightning
    Maelstrom: 5 Water
    WildFire: 1 Blaze, 1 Lightning
    Blizzard: 1 Gale, 1 Glacial
    Mudslide: 1 Water, 1 Rumble
    Inferno: 3 Blaze
    Absolute Zero: 3 Glacial
    Hurricane: 3 Gale
    Quake: 3 Rumble
    Firestorm: 3 Inferno, 1 Hurricane
    Slush: 3 Absolute Zero, 1 Maelstrom
    Voltremor: 1 Cloudburst, 1 Quake

Flight Stone

The following ingredients are required to synthesize the Flight Stone:

    Beautiful Blue Jewel: It can be dropped by or stolen from Zagi in the Desert Sanctuary. Another source is Marianna in the Katticus Ice Cave (revisited), where it can also be stolen or dropped during the second portion of the fight.
    Spring’s Feather: Obtained from Spring Pixie in Zawaza Plains using change enemies.
    Piece Of Flying Stone: Dropped by enemies in Bui Valley.

Easy “Air Master” trophy

300 air combos are actually required to get the “Air Master” trophy. Use any air attack followed by any side attack.

Easy “Ending: Eryn” trophy

Before entering Stairway to Heaven, the characters at the inn will have some dialogue. Eryn has “Partners?” while Tiara has “When This Journey is Over”. Listen to Eryn’s dialogue to unlock the Eryn ending and get the “Ending: Eryn” trophy.

Easy “Ending: Normal” trophy

Before entering Stairway to Heaven, the characters at the inn will have some dialogue. Eryn has “Partners?” while Tiara has “When This Journey is Over”. Do not listen to either of their dialogue to unlock the Normal ending and get the “Ending: Normal” trophy.

Easy “Ending: Tiara” trophy

Before entering Stairway to Heaven, the characters at the inn will have some dialogue. Eryn has “Partners?” while Tiara has “When This Journey is Over”. Listen to Tiara’s dialogue to unlock the Tiara ending and get the “Ending: Tiara” trophy.

Easy “Surging Waves Of Fury” trophy

Successfully complete Subterranean Tower (revisited), then get lola’s quest to battle NEO Pixie at Zawaza Plain. Use the Harley Bullet Storm Fairize ability for a 275 hit combo.

Easy “Tenser Fencer” trophy

Enter a weak area where enemies cannot damage you. Hold the button or key to skip animations, and pass all turns until all three characters are at maximum tension. This is indicated when the bar flashes blue.

Easy “The World’s Money Is Not Enough” trophy

Lola can be recruited towards the end of the game, after Desert Sanctuary in the alternate timeline. You should have completed all 16 of Lola’s side quests by this point. Check the quest log to see if any were missed. If this was the case, you will have to start a new game. To make sure none were missed, whenever you unlock a new area, enter it and immediately exit again. Check in town to see if any new Lola side quests are available. The window of opportunity to complete them is limited, and they should be completed immediately after they are bestowed.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ultimate Fencer (Platinum): Obtained every trophy. “Thank you… I love you.”

Additionally, there are 28 secret trophies:

    The Journey Begins (Bronze): You became Eryn’s Fencer. “Nice to meet you, Fang.”
    Where…Are We? (Bronze): You got sent to an unknown place. “Eryn, wake up! Where are we!?”
    Evolving Power (Bronze): Eryn powered up. “If I decide to get serious, I’m capable of all kinds of things.”
    Ending: Tiara (Gold): You saw Tiara’s ending. “You have changed everything for me.”
    Ending: Eryn (Gold): You saw Eryn’s ending. “I’m hungry, too!”
    Ending: Normal (Silver): You saw the normal ending. “Yeah… Take care.”
    Unsealed Deities (Silver): Pulled every sword from the Vile God and Goddess. “It took a long time but we’re finally finished!”
    Berserker (Silver): Defeated 10,000 enemies. “There’s no way I can stop!”
    Tenser Fencer (Silver): Maxed your tension 300 times. “I’m fired up!”
    Surging Waves of Fury (Silver): Performed 250 Hits. “I’ll…cut you…to shreds!”
    A Lengthy Relationship (Bronze): Accumulated 20 hours of playtime. “That sounds like it’ll take forever.”
    Wherever My Sword Takes Me (Bronze): Apollonius joined the party. “I’ll become your overseer.”
    The World’s Money is Not Enough (Bronze): Lola joined the party. “Despite my appearance, I’m actually a fairy.”
    Avalanche Master (Silver): Performed 100 Avalanche Attacks. “We’re invincible!”
    Air Master (Silver): Performed 100 Air Combos. “There!”
    Maximum Firepower (Silver): Dealt 100,000 damage. “With this one blow!”
    The World’s Strongest (Bronze): Reached level 99 with a character. “My coolness is about to reach godly levels.”
    Fencer Elites (Gold): Reached level 99 with every character. “They’re calling themselves a hero’s adventuring party…”
    Gimme a Boost (Bronze): Boosted your weapon for the first time. “This is simply the first step.”
    Fury Meister (Silver): Boosted one of your weapons to its max. “With this, your combat strength has increased drastically! ”
    Bond with Fairy (Bronze): Reached level 10 with one of your fairies. “There’s still much we don’t know about fairies. ”
    Shukesoo’s Eviction (Gold): Cleared all 40 floors of Shukesoo’s Tower. “Mwahahahaha!!”
    Diligent Worker (Silver): Achieved a Quest Rank of S. “…I shall continue counting on you.”
    We’re In The Money! (Bronze): Accumulated 100 million G. “As usual, I smell the fragrant aroma of money coming from you today!”
    Vile God Resealed (Gold): Sealed the Vile God using Godly Revival. “Time to seal you away for good!”
    Amateur (Bronze): Fought 50 battles. “This is nothing!”
    Veteran (Bronze): Fought 200 battles. “I didn’t realize I was so strong.”
    Professional (Silver): Fought 500 battles. “Fwoooooosh!”
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