Max And The Magic Marker: Gold Edition


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      AllStar (Bronze): Score three stars in all levels!
      Apprentice (Bronze): Kill a lot of Gobos!
      Cannibal Soup (Bronze): Boil to death!
      Discoverer (Bronze): Find hidden stuff!
      Epic Battle (Bronze): Take your time beating Mustacho!
      Getting STARted (Bronze): Score three stars in a lot of levels!
      Hitman (Bronze): Kill a bunch of Gobos!
      MacLeod (Bronze): Don't die!
      Maxed Out (Bronze): Play a lot!
      Mexican Mouse (Bronze): Beat a few time records!
      Ninja Vanish (Bronze): Kill Mustacho! Fast!
      Schumi (Bronze): Beat all time records!
      Second Blood (Bronze): Kill loads of Gobos!
      Ship Ahoy (Bronze): Unlock the Pirate World!
      Speedster (Bronze): Beat a stack of time records!
      Star Spangled Max (Bronze): Score three stars in a load of levels!
      Staying Alive (Bronze): Stay alive
      Sticking Around (Bronze): Spend a long time on a single level!
      To the Max (Bronze): Play for some time!
      Victory (Bronze): Beat the game!
      We are the Robots (Bronze): Unlock the Robot World!

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