Monster World 4

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      You Did It! (Gold): Finish the game.
      Jackpot (Silver): Collect 777 gold and see what happens.
      Every Last Drop (Silver): Collect all the Life Drops.
      SEGA Games Are #1! (Bronze): Watch the SEGA logo sequence.
      Monster World Welcomes You (Bronze): Find the "Welcome to Monster World" message.
      Refreshment (Bronze): Wash your face in the spring at the Pyramids.
      Be a Bit More Careful (Bronze): Just started and you're already falling in pits!
      Such Agility (Bronze): Land 3 consecutive downthrusts without touching the ground.
      Happy Earth Spirit (Bronze): Rescue the Earth Spirit.
      Thankful Moon Spirit (Bronze): Rescue the Moon Spirit.
      Delighted Sun Spirit (Bronze): Rescue the Sun Spirit.
      Cute Wind Spirit (Bronze): Rescue the Wind Spirit.

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