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  • Alternate costumes

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume. Note: The other unlockable costumes are only available through Gamestop and pre-order codes.

      2. Hat - Naughty the Party Animal: Successfully complete Chapter 1.
      3. Hat - Mayor Naughty: Successfully complete Chapter 2.
      4. Hat - Peacekeeper Naughty: Successfully complete Chapter 3.
      5. Hat - Cordon Bleu Naughty: Successfully complete Chapter 4.
      6. Hat - Prospector Naughty: Successfully complete Chapter 5.
      7. Hat - Doctor Naughty: Successfully complete Chapter 6.
      8. Hat - Conspiracy Naughty: Successfully complete Chapter 7.
      9. Hat - Cop Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 1.
      10. Hat - Adept Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 2.
      11. Hat - General Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 3.
      12. Hat - Zumbo-Jumbo Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 4.
      13. Hat - Tactical Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 5.
      14. Hat - Tech-Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 6.
      15. Hat - Astro-Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on Episode 7.
      16. Sherrif Naughty: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3.
      17. Master Naughty: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3.
      18. Captain Naughty: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3.
      19. Zombear Naughty: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3.
      20. N.O.T.Y.: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3.
      21. R0B0-N4UGH7Y: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3.
      22. Xnothy: Get a "Bronze" rank on Chapter 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3.
      23. Cop Gordon: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3.
      24. Master Miyagi: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3.
      25. Colonel Ketchup: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3.
      26. Zombear Oodoo: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3.
      27. E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3.
      28. R0B0-PR1M3: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3.
      29. Emperor Xoon: Get a "Gold" rank on Chapter 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3.
      30. Naughticorn: Get a total score of 100,000,000 points.
      31. Hat - Epic Naughty: Get a "Gold" rank on all Top Hat Challenges.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Come Out and Play (Bronze): Completed the First Episode and got a taste of Naughtiness.
      Vote Naughty: Don't get Killed (Bronze): Completed the Second Episode.
      Get your Privacy back (Bronze): Completed the Third Episode.
      The Moans have Stopped (Bronze): Completed the Fourth Episode.
      Oily Moily! (Bronze): Completed the Fifth Episode.
      Threat Terminated (Bronze): Completed the Sixth Episode.
      Millionaire Club (Bronze): Scored a Total of 1 000 000 Naughty Points.
      Multi-Millionaire Club (Bronze): Scored a Total of 10 000 000 Naughty Points.
      Freak Club (Bronze): Scored a Total of 25 000 000 Naughty Points.
      Closet Monster Club (Bronze): Scored a Total of 50 000 000 Naughty Points.
      Under-bed Creeper Club (Bronze): Scored a Total of 75 000 000 Naughty Points.
      Naughty Club (Bronze): Scored a Total of 100 000 000 Naughty Points.
      Party Thrasher! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 1 or its Challenges, Punish Daddles with the Disco's Turntable!
      Drowning Politics! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 2 or its Challenges, Punish Chubby with the Disco's Toilet!
      Watch THIS Cozy! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 3 or its Challenges, Punish Cozy with the Cabin's Telly!
      Keeping a cool head! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 4 or its Challenges, Punish Nibbles with the Cabin's Fridge!
      Trembles' Energy Problem! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 5 or its Challenges, Punish Trembles with the Cabin's Power Box!
      Gear Head! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 6 or its Challenges, Punish Fluffy with the Factory's Conveyor Belt!
      Hot as the Sun! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 7 or its Challenges, Punish Sunbeam with the Campfire!
      Maximum Security (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 1, get the Entire Police Force on the Island.
      Harakiri (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 2, get the 4 Ninja-Bears to Kill Themselves.
      Give me Peace! (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 3, Destroy Every Bird-cam of the Level.
      Death Race (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 4, don't let Zombears Kill other Bears! They're Yours!
      Elite Chumps (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 5, Kill Every B.E.A.R. with an Object Kill.
      Rebellion (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 6, get the R0B0-B34R5 to Kill their Master, Fluffy.
      Disintegration (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 7, Destroy Every Alien-Bear with the Raygun Ultra-Kill.
      Twin Fight (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill Cop Gordon with the Cop Gordon Costume by the Revolver Ultra-Kill.
      Chain of Command (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill Colonel Ketchup with the Captain Naughty Costume by the Oozy Ultra kill.
      Evil Resident in Bearcity (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill 4 Cops in One Level with the Zombear Oodoo Costume by the Bone Ultra-Kill.
      Probing New Technologies (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill R0B0-PR1M3 with the Emperor Xoon Costume by the Raygun Ultra-Kill.
      Chi Vs Voodoo (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill Oodoo with the Master Miyagi Costume by the Ninja-To Ultra-Kill.
      Assassin's Assassination (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill Miyagi with the E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney Costume by the Silenced Pistol Ultra-Kill.
      Noisy Vs Silent (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Kill E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney with the R0B0-PR1M3 Costume bt the Power-Fist Ultra-Kill.
      Vengeance! (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: Destroy Emperor Xoon with the Naughticorn Costume by Hornification.
      Truly Invisible! (Bronze): Challenge Challenge: Finish an Invisible Challenge Without Being Seen Once.
      Fistul of Rage! (Bronze): Challenge Challenge: Finish an Untouchable Challenge Without Using a Weapon.
      Killin' with Style (Bronze): Challenge Challenge: Finish a Killer Challenge Without Killing with a Weapon.
      Merciful (Bronze): Challenge Challenge: Finish an Insane Challenge with Every Bear Still Alive.
      Trap-tacular! (Bronze): Challenge Challenge: In a Friendly Challenge, injure every Bear.
      Tight One! (Bronze): Challenge Challenge: Finish a Speedrun Challenge with 1 Second Left to the Timer.
      Leader of the Pack (Bronze): Multiplayer Madness: Finished First in a Multiplayer Match and Shouted 'HAZELNUT!' at the Losers.
      Shiny! (Silver): Got either 28 Bronze, 16 Silver, 8 Gold, or 4 Platinum Naughty Cups.
      Throphillific!! (Silver): Got either 28 Silver, 16 Gold, or 8 Platinum Naughty Cups.
      Oh my GOLD!!! (Silver): Got either 28 Gold, or 16 Platinum Naughty Cups.
      Full Wardrobe (Silver): Unlock All the Costumes.
      Gloriosity! (Silver): Multiplayer Madness: Finished an Assault Match Without Losing a Single Unibear Statue.
      Get off my Planet! (Gold): Completed the Final Episode.
      Nutter!!!! (Gold): Got 28 Platinum Naughty Cups.
      Naughtiest Naughty Club (Gold): Scored a Total of 250,000,000 Naughty Points.

    Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

      Unibear! (Unknown): Killed or POP! a Unibear.
      Naughtyrificness! (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.

    The following trophies require the "Episode 9: The Treasure Of Bear Beard" bonus downloadable content:

      A Classic Reborn (Bronze): In Episode 9, kill Miyagi with the pirate naughty costume by the cutlass ultra kill.
      Giant Pile Of Gold (Gold): Got Gold naughty cups on Episode 9 & all of its challenges, yes even the Top Hat Challenge!
      Sucky 9 (Bronze): In Episode 9, got a total of 9 points, you suck!
      The Treasure Is On Another Island (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 9 or its challenges, destroy all the treasure chests.
      The Treasure's Mine (Bronze): Completed The Ninth Episode.
      Who's Laughing Now?! (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 9 or its challenges, punish Giggles with the disco's toy chest.

    The following trophies require the "Episode 10: The Vampiricom" bonus downloadable content:

      Tough as a coffin nail (Bronze): Complete the Tenth Episode.
      The secret ingredient, is love (Bronze): Ironic Kill: In Episode 10, Punish Stardust with the Factory mixing machine.
      I thought you said 'Steak'! (Bronze): Secret Mission: In Episode 10, destroy the Vampiricorn 3 times using the BBQ.
      Sun Immunity (Bronze): Costume Shenanigan: In Episode 10, kill Sunbeam with the Vampiricorn costume by the vampire Claw Ultra Kill.
      Don't go out in sunlight dummy! (Bronze): In Episode 10, get killed by Sunbeam when playing the Vampiricorn.
      Pact with the Devil! (Bronze): Finish a 4 players Vampiricorn Match with all your lives.
      Dancing King! (Bronze): Finish a 4 players Dancing King Match with more than a minute over your opponents.
      Big pile o' fluff! (Bronze): Finish first in a 4 players Defluffication Match with a kill limit of 100.
      Too close! (Bronze): Finish a 4 players Left 4 Ted Match by being the last survivor standing.
      Gold Lust (Silver): Got Gold Naughty Cups in Episode 10 and all of its Challenges. Yes, even the Top Hat Challenge!

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