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  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      4-in-a-Row, All-in-One-Go! (Bronze): Break all the plane plates in a single pass in Moving Target Madness.
      A Dish's Worst Enemy (Bronze): Shatter 100 plates in Skeet Shoot.
      Accuracy (Bronze): Throw 20 balls in the distant holes in Wild West Alley Ball Challenge.
      Basket Case (Silver): Score 15,000 points by popping basket balloons in Hot Air Balloon Show.
      Bats n' Pies (Silver): Score 5,000 points from hitting Bat Targets during the Pie Dodge Event of Mine Cart Spelunk.
      Bird Feeder (Silver): Knock down 50 corn stalks in Farm Raising Fury.
      Bombs Away (Silver): Do not hit any bombs in Planetary Slash n' Defense.
      Bouquet Bonanza (Bronze): Get the Big Flower to appear in Baaa-loon Pop.
      Bow Ow! (Bronze): Hit the dog 3 times in Bacon and Eggs.
      Chug-a-lug (Bronze): Knock down every mug in the back row throughout a single play session of Sarsaparilla Slide.
      Clean as a Whistle (Bronze): Successfully dodge all the pies in a single shooting gallery.
      Cloudy Night (Bronze): In Garden Grow, change the level from day to night.
      Crack Shot (Gold): Take out the meteor and the UFO with a single rocket in Invasion of the Space Raiders.
      Doing the Dishes (Bronze): Break 25 stick targets in Plate Break.
      Double Up (Bronze): Destroy 20 targets with the Double Points power up in a single shooting gallery.
      Dyno-mite! (Bronze): Destroy 20 targets with the Dynamite power up in a single shooting gallery.
      Earning Credit (Bronze): Watch the credits to completion.
      Eggless Victor (Silver): Don't catch any eggs in It's an Egg Drop Spring.
      Finger Lickin' Good (Silver): Don't let any large chicken eggs fall to the ground in Fall-ing Eggs.
      Flower Power (Bronze): Pop every pink flower balloon at least once in Flight of the Balloons.
      Fly Me to the Moon (Silver): Earn 200,000 points during the UFO event in Rootin' Tootin' Targetin'.
      Hack And Slash (Bronze): Hit a multi-slash asteroid 20 times in Cosmic Slash n' Defense.
      High Moo-n (Silver): Compete the "Corral 3 Buffalo" objective while the Undertaker's clock reads Noon in Western Showdown.
      Hyper Hydra-sis (Bronze): Shoot the Hydra target 8 times in Dino-Rama.
      Laser Blaster (Bronze): Destroy 20 targets with the Laser power up in a single shooting gallery.
      Lead Air Balloon (Bronze): Pop a hot air balloon in Pop Party.
      Master Terraformer (Silver): Terraform all terrain at the same time using the TNT Powerup in Terraformal Event.
      Mine Alley (Silver): Throw 5 Balls into the mineshaft in Creaky Canyon Alley Ball Challenge.
      My Hero! (Silver): Never miss hooking a sheep in Rescuing Fields of Sheep.
      One and Done (Silver): Only hit a ball once and then never again in Midnight Breakout.
      Partner Up (Bronze): Play through any booth with a friend in Adventure Mode.
      Penguin Pusher (Bronze): Knock down 50 penguins in Ice-berrrger and Fries.
      Perfect Aim (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
      Pleased Plesiosaurs (Bronze): Knock down 25 plesiosaurs in The Jurassic Shore.
      Pop n' Tops (Bronze): Pop the tops off of the left and right moons in Launched in Deep Space.
      Pretty Red Balloons (Bronze): Pop 100 balloons in Balloon Blast.
      Quick Spotlight (Silver): Turn on all of the spotlights in Paratrooper Scooper in less than five seconds.
      Rescuing Machine (Bronze): Rescue more than 25 sheep in Flock of Sheep to Rescue.
      Score Abduction (Bronze): Ring a 5000 point UFO in Space Rescue.
      Slow Mo Joe (Bronze): Destroy 20 targets while using the Slow motion power up in a single shooting gallery.
      Spread the Love (Bronze): Destroy 20 targets with the Spread Shot power up in a single shooting gallery.
      Streakin' Squeekin' (Bronze): Hit the 5000 Point Mouse in Hamm and Eggs.
      The truck on the Left (Silver): Shoot all of the trucks on the left side of the screen in Shoot Camp.
      There's Pie in Your Face (Bronze): Complete all of the Objectives in a shooting gallery without dodging a pie.
      They're all mine! (Silver): Hit 20 different balls in Block Breakout Assault.
      Thunderous Blue (Silver): Shoot all of the blue helicopters in Wayward Whirlybirds of Wonderment.
      Ticket to Ride (Bronze): Get the train to come through town in Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'.
      Wrecking Crew (Bronze): Let the town get destroyed in Please Do Feed the Animals.
      Zaaaap! (Bronze): Ring all the lasers in Flying Discs... in space!
      Zurg Rush (Bronze): Shoot Zurg 30 times in Launched in Space.

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